Cabinet Refacing–How to save on cabinet doors online

Refacing kitchen cabinets can be much less expensive that replacing the cabinets.
But not if you must buy the new cabinet doors retail from a hardware or big-box store!

The internet has brought along some very interesting changes in our lives, and none are more advantages than the ability to buy manufactured items factory-direct, bypassing the middleman and retail markups.

This is now true for home-owners planning to reface their kitchen cabinets.
The professional kitchen refacers don’t buy the cabinet doors from a retail hardware store, why should you?

The largest manufacturer of refacing and replacement kitchen cabinet doors has been operating the www,CabinetDoors.Com website for 18 years and we supply thousands of cabinet doors daily to refacing companies all over the country.

We also offer these doors from the same website to home-owners and do-it-yourselfers everywhere.

You can still buy cabinet doors from retail chains (we also supply many of them), but their markup significantly increases the price you will pay.

So if you are looking for an American Made cabinet door, we offer several hundred designs in both traditional and mitered styles. Our production time for cabinet doors is between 7-and-10 working days, and we ship FEDEX to all to states.

Each of our doors is pictured in detail on the website and prices are shown as you enter the door size. Even the FEDEX shipping is calculated and shown before you finalize your order.

As you browse other websites you may see identical cabinet door pictures and even identical door descriptions, This is because our pictures and descriptions have been widely copied over the past 18 years, and we consider the imitators to be a testimonial to our products and service. Several of these imitators actually buy our doors and remarket them on their websites. The are the same quality doors we manufacture for our customers, the only difference is their prices are higher.

So if you are considering refacing your kitchen, you will find the largest selection with the fastest delivery at www,

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Our Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Doors

How to find and buy New Replacement Cabinet Doors Cheap

One of the best ways to find a great deal on anything is to find the actual manufacturer and buy the product directly from him. The problem is that not many manufacturers want to sell direct to the end user, they want to sell in much higher volumes to retail stores.

They don’t want to increase their sales staff to handle the number of smaller orders that home owners would require.

Most manufacturers have not addressed the concept of marketing directly to the end user since the internet has exploded, but a few have.

Manufacturers that offer to sell direct to the consumer have realized that developing a successful webpage is not an increased sales cost. It’s actually a cost-reducing option. Salesmen are paid whether they are busy filling orders or drinking coffee, while a website costs much less. While it’s true that a complex website will cost tens, or hundreds of dollars to produce, the costs to maintain and operate are significantly lower than managing a large sales staff.

That’s why we are offering our Custom Cabinet Doors directly to consumers online.

The question of cost to the end user boils down to this…

Retail and Big-Box stores have large sales staffs and expensive retail stores to pay for.

The manufacturer is a factory with a website.

Who do you think has lower costs?

The retail store doesn’t buy direct from the factory, he buys from a distributor. The Distributor buys from the factory, adds his profit and sells the product to the Retail Store…who marks it up again then sells it to the end user.

Who do you think has lower costs?

Someday most manufacturers will start to offer their products online but you don’t have to wait until that someday.

You can order top-quality Replacement Cabinet Doors today from CabinetDoors.Com and pay just a little over half what you will pay at a retail or Big-Box store.

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Our Most Popular Cabinet Doors

Our Most Popular Cabinet Doors