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The only way to transform your kitchen is with a big budget, a total renovation, and weeks of work and disruption, right? Not necessarily. You can change a lot by doing a little, if you know what to focus on. Best of all, you don’t have to invest much in terms of time, money, or patience. In many cases, you don’t even need to hire a contractor. Want to know how to transform your kitchen? Simply pick a project and get started:

Change up your wall color or design

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. You can cover a large area for a decent price and make the space feel completely different afterwards, especially if you’re not in love with the current walls. Designers recommend using a clean, neutral color, then relying on accent pieces to bring color into the kitchen. Of course, they’re your walls, and you’re free to pick a bright color or even choose wallpaper with a bold print. If you do plan to paint, keep in mind how the new walls will complement or contrast with other visual elements like your cabinet doors. Changing both elements at the same time will certainly transform your kitchen despite being a highly-affordable project you can handle yourself.

Replace a Key Appliance

If you love to cook, think of how much time you spend at the stove. And even if you prefer delivery, you’re in and out of your refrigerator all day. The kitchen is a functional space, and if one of your major appliances is old, worn out, or wrong for your lifestyle, it makes the whole space feel frustrating – no matter how nice it looks. Replacing a key appliance lets you fix everything you don’t like about what you have. You can also take advantage of some cool new features introduced in the last decade, like precision-baking ovens and smart refrigerators. Even if an appliance is the only thing you change, your kitchen gains a huge upgrade in terms of functionality.

Hang New Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Your cabinets can be the best thing about your kitchen… or the worst. When they’re bad, they tend to become the focal point. Instead of replacing entire cabinets, which is a major project, replace just the doors and drawer fronts. Simply measure your existing doors and fronts, and order custom-built replacements in a style you like better. Then decide how you want to finish them (or order them pre-painted) and hang them up in an afternoon. It’s a lot more accessible and affordable than you expect, and the results truly transform your kitchen. As long as your cabinet boxes are in good condition, you can make them look almost any way you want.

Add More Storage

When it comes to kitchen storage, you want to have ample space to keep things hidden away and perfectly organized. Unfortunately, lots of kitchens don’t rise to this standard, especially once you include things like the Instant Pot and the big package of bottled water you need to find a place for. It may not be the most exciting entry on this list, but it’s hard to argue that adding more storage won’t transform your kitchen for the better. Use modern storage solutions to get more space out of your existing cabinets and pantry, or install a freestanding storage cabinet in an unused corner. At the very least, go through every single thing in your kitchen and get rid of anything you don’t need, want, or use regularly. It only takes time to declutter your kitchen, and afterwards you have a space that looks cleaner and functions better for everything.

Improve the Lighting Situation

Kitchens are deceptively hard to light. You need lots of illumination in some places, less in others, and beams of light trained in very specific areas. Your lighting needs may also change as you rework your kitchen over the years. In any case, many kitchens need a better lighting situation, meaning they need more light in the right places. Strategically adding stick-on LED lights helps you brighten up the shadowy parts of the kitchen, but you may want to invest in something more substantial like a new light fixture. Hopefully, you love your kitchen just the way it is once you see it in better light.

Swap Out the Flooring

Old vinyl tiles or worn-out linoleum leaves a kitchen looking dirty and dated. Fortunately, ripping up the old material is (usually) fairly easy, and there are endless options for replacement. In fact, modern vinyl tiles come in hundreds of styles, offer years of like-new performance, and are relatively easy to install. You could also install a laminate hardwood or even a ceramic tile – just keep in mind that some materials are more DIY-friendly than others. Before you dive in, try to determine what material is under your current floor and whether it has any damage. Your goal is figuring out what you’re getting into (and whether it’s really worth it) before you actually get started.

Transform Your Kitchen with The Door Stop

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