Best woods to use in Cabinet Doors Part-2 with Video

This post covers the second half of the Best Woods to use in Cabinet Doors.

These woods are Cherry, Ash, Birch, Hickory, and the Knotty Woods.

A video explaining these woods, their properties, specific finishing tips, along with pictures of each wood type can be watched by clicking here.

Several knotty wood types are popular and often used for Knotty Cabinet Doors.

These Knotty woods feature a unique look as every door will have a slightly different appearance from any other.

Woods like Hickory and Oak will have significant color variations as the knots in these woods often have mineral streaks extending from them.

Alder and Maple also have streaking from the knots, but to a lesser extent.

To insure dependability, the doors frame will have smaller knots while raised panels offer the opportunity to use larger and more colorful knots.

Because knotty plywood is usually not available, recessed panel knotty doors are made by edge-gluing the pieces of the panel, the same as raised panel doors, with the panels then reduced in thickness to ΒΌ-inch.

These knotty woods offer a rustic look which is very popular in many kitchen designs.