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Hi there, my name is Brady Hill.
Thanks for choosing
We appreciate your business and your time.
So, don’t worry. I won’t take much of it.

This video will show the way around our website and give you some tips to make your cabinet door search both easier and faster.

Cabinet door hunting on the internet just got much easier by using our website.

First I’ll show the difference between Cope and Stick cabinet doors and Mitered cabinet doors.

Cope and Stick door assembly is shown at left with the machine that makes the joint shown below.

Mitered door assembly is shown at right and the machine that makes the mitered joint.

A cabinet door can be made with either Cope and Stick or Mitered joints, and we offer hundreds of both styles.

To browse our line of Cope and Stick doors just click on the Cope and Stick Raised Panel door link or the Inset door link. Mitered doors can be viewed by clicking the Mitered cabinet door link.

For example, I’ll select the Cope and Stick Inset Panel link. This opens a page showing pictures of the doors in that category.

Next I’ll click on the Adobe cabinet door picture to open the product page for that door.

Shown to the right of the Adobe picture is some information on the Adobe cabinet door including the minimum size Adobe door we can build.

Scrolling down to the order box we see a dropdown menu where wood type can be selected, the price per square foot is shown to the right of each wood type.

Now I’ll demonstrate how the website handles fractions.

First I’ll click Select Oak for the wood type.
For quantity I’ll type 1.
For door width I’ll enter 11.25 and for height I’ll use 12 3/16.

Yes, you can enter sizes as whole numbers, numbers with decimals, or fractions by typing the number-followed by a space-then the fraction, such as 12 3/16.

Our price is less than half the price charged by the big-box stores.
Why so low?
Because we are the actual manufacturer and we sell factory-direct.
Retail outlets have additional expenses from operating a store, paying sales people, and adding their profit.
That’s why we can sell for less, MUCH LESS!

So go ahead and explore our website to find the cabinet door style that’s perfect for your project.

Next select the wood type and enter quantity, width, and height.
Then click the Add to Cart button.
The door you just entered will be added to your shopping cart.

Continue the process of entering sizes and adding doors to your cart until your order is complete, then click Checkout.

Then follow the instructions to place your order.
Shipping costs will be calculated and shown before your order is finalized, so you will know the total cost before you enter your Credit Card information.

All your personal information is encrypted and managed through for assured safety, and our Better Business Bureau A+ rating guarantee you will receive cabinet doors of exceptional quality.
Manufacturer of custom cabinet doors in hundreds of styles and 14 wood types.

We have been making unfinished cabinet doors since 1980.

We utilize modern computerized machinery and have made over 10 million cabinet doors for new homes in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

We make both Mitered and Traditional Cope & Stick cabinet doors for new homes and re-modelers, as well as home-owners.

We make replacement cabinet doors in both arched and square designs and in over 300 different door styles.