Cabinet Doors for Cabinet Refacing

Refacing kitchen cabinets has become an accepted method of kitchen remodeling that can save the home-owner over 50% of the costs involved in replacing the cabinets.

In many cases the existing cabinet boxes are of higher quality than the boxes of new cabinets. Older cabinets were usually constructed with either solid wood or plywood, while almost all new cabinets are made of Medium Density Particleboard with a thin veneer.

In the case of kitchens with older existing cabinet boxes in good condition, refacing the existing cabinet faces with refacing veneer and replacing the old cabinet doors with new replacement cabinet doors will save significant time and significant expense.
Also Refacing with new kitchen cabinet doors won’t disrupt your kitchen nearly as link as replacing all the cabinets will.

After you make the decision to reface your cabinets, it’s time to select the design of your new cabinet doors.

CabinetDoors.Com is the leading manufacturer of replacement cabinet doors available online and factory-direct to the home-owner or Refacing Professional.

This video will give you a quick walk through our website and the process of selecting and ordering your new cabinet doors.

The pictures of cabinet door groups on this page are links that will open pages showing pictures of the doors in each of those categories.
To demonstrate choosing a door from one of our categories, we’ll click on the “Most Popular Cabinet Door” link.

This opens a page with pictures of each door in the Most Popular group.
We’ll scroll down and click on the picture of the Shaker Door.

Now the Shaker door product page opens with a larger picture and some information about this door.
Scrolling down shows the “Order Box”.
This is where you select Wood Type from the drop-down menu. Notice that the price per square foot (for the Shaker door) is shown to the right of each wood type.

After selecting the wood type you can enter the quantity, width, and height for your first door. The price for that door will be shown. To add each door to your shopping cart, simply click on the Add-To-Cart button.

The contents of your cart is updated with each new door and displayed just above the Order Box and also in the left column.

When your order is complete, click the checkout button and follow the instructions.

Your order will start production within a few hours and be shipped in 7-10 working days to your home or business.

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