Unfinished Replacement Cabinet Doors Home Depot Vs. Buying Wholesale

Unfinished Replacement Cabinet Doors Home Depot Vs Buying Wholesale

A lot of homeowners are searching for “unfinished cabinet doors Home Depot” or “replacement cabinet doors Lowes” to reface their kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  Buying wholesale offers homeowners the same or better cabinet doors at lower costs.  Big box retailers such as Home Depot or Lowes have to get their doors from the factory and then raise the prices to cover their cost of operations.  When you buy your cabinet doors direct from the factory you cut out the middle man and save up to 50%!

9 Advantages Of Ordering Replacement Cabinet From The Door Stop

Ordering your unfinished cabinet doors from The Door Stop instead of a Home Depot or Lowes type business offers you many advantages.  The biggest advantage is getting the highest quality cabinet doors for the best prices anywhere.   Read about all of the great reasons so many homeowners order wholesale direct from the manufacturer.

Widest Selection

When you shop the local hardware stores you’re restricted to what they’ve got on hand, or what they can order for you.  When you shop straight from the factory you have over 300 styles of cabinet doors.  Get the door style you want by shopping from the widest selection anywhere.

Your Choice of Wood

Cabinet doors can be ordered in a variety of wood species.  Some cost more but last longer while others are easier on the budget or are better at accepting paint or wood stains.  When you order your cabinet doors from The Door Stop you’ll be able to choose from wood species like: alder, oak, cherry, hickory, ash, white birch, along with our options for knotty versions of these woods and paint grade wood.

Lowest Cost

Big box retailers order their cabinet doors from factories just like ours. Which means they add their cost of shipping, margin, and all other costs associated with keeping their locations open and staffed with employees.  Our site does the selling along with our talented support staff who are always happy to help you with your order via telephone.  With lower overhead and no need to have the inflated retail prices you’ll love the wholesale savings you can get from The Door Stop.

High Quality Materials

All of the wood we use to build your cabinet doors is of the highest quality.  An example of our dedication to high quality wood is our Red Oak.  Red Oak grows in various regions in the United States but the best colored and tightest grain comes from the glacial regions of the north in Wisconsin and Michigan.  We strictly buy the very best woods from the best regions to guarantee you the highest quality cabinet doors anywhere.

High Precision Crafted

We have been crafting cabinet doors since 1980 and have updated and upgraded our woodworking machinery as the times have changed.  The updated woodworking machinery we use today offers complete control and the highest precision cuts and fit available anywhere.  We are dedicated to the durability and lifespan of the cabinet doors we offer and achieve this through our high precision machinery.

Custom Sized Cabinet Doors

When you shop for cabinet doors at the big box retailers you get the sizes they’ve ordered.  When you order from The Door Stop you tell us exactly how many you need of each size.  Custom sizes are welcome as each order is custom built as they are placed.

Fast Order Fulfillment

Our fabrication and assembly line gets your order going and completed quickly!  When you’re considering remodeling and replacement cabinet doors re part of the plan you want them to get them in a timely fashion.  Our team will have your custom cabinet doors ready to ship in 7 to 10 days.

$5 Shipping

For all orders over $1,750 we will ship your replacement cabinet doors anywhere in the continental U.S. for just $5 dollars.  That covers all the handling, packing, and shipping costs to get your doors safely to your home or job site.

Highly Rated on Google

We have a well documented track record of satisfied customers who love getting the best product at the best price.  Our customers love us and make sure the world knows with Google reviews and stars.  We strive to make it easy to order, offer guides to help homeowners, and always deliver the very best cabinet doors to continue to over the very best value and customer experience anywhere.

A+ BBB Cabinet Door Supplier

As a long standing measure of businesses practices and treatment of customers the BBB A+ rating is the hallmark of businesses who take care of their customers.  We maintain this A+ rating by always taking care of all our customer’s needs from the questions before ordering, through delivery, and even providing instructions on how to stain and hang new cabinet doors.

Order Wholesale Cabinet Doors

While Home Depot and Lowes might be down the street, The Door Stop offers the best cabinet doors at lower prices.  Choose to give your home superior quality while also saving money!  The Door Stop cabinet door factory gives you this ability by being able to order your cabinet doors at wholesale prices direct from the factory!  Browse our most popular cabinet door styles here.Cut out the middle man and his inflated retail prices and make your remodeling buck stretch further by saving up to 50% on your cabinet door order!


How To Remodel Your Kitchen With Unfinished Replacement Cabinet Doors

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Cabinet Door Replacement Tips

Replacing cabinet doors with new replacement cabinet doors doesn’t need to be stressful, and these few tips can prevent hours of wasted time and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary costs.

Hi, my name’s Brady, and this CabinetDoors.Com video will give you tips on figuring the proper door sizes for your cabinet openings.

We’ll also take a quick tour through the differences between the two main cabinet door designs; Cope & Stick and Mitered cabinet doors.

We’ll show how both Mitered and Cope & Stick doors are made, as well as how they are assembled, sanded, and inspected.

Finally, we’ll show several examples of the most popular cabinet doors and the wood types available.

Tips For Replacing Cabinet Doors

How To Calculate The Proper Size For A Single Door Or Double Door

I’ll show an example of a cabinet opening, and explain how to calculate the proper size for either a single door or double doors, for that opening.

Start by measuring the width and height of the opening.

A single cabinet door will be slightly larger than the actual opening. This is called the “overlay”, and one-half inch overlay is the most common.

A one-half inch overlay simply means that the door will be one-half inch larger than the opening on each side.

Now let’s look at the arithmetic used to determine the proper door size for your cabinet opening.

This first video shows how to figure the door size for a single door covering the opening.

Notice the actual door size overlays the opening by one-half inch per side.

The second video shows the calculation for double doors covering the opening.

Notice the overlay is only applied to the top, bottom, and hinge-side of each door. Also note the small gap between the doors.

Using this method for calculating cabinet door sizes will assure you are ordering properly sized cabinet doors.

Please watch our video titled “Cabinet Doors 101 – How to calculate cabinet door sizes for half-inch overlay hinges” for even more detail. Also read our post about how to measure for cabinet doors.

View our Step By Step Guide on replacing kitchen cabinet doors.

How Mitered & Cope & Stick Doors Are Made

How Mitered and Cope & Stick Cabinet Doors are made, and the differences between the two designs.

Difference Between Mitered and Cope & Stick Cabinet Doors

Now, let’s talk a little about the different designs of cabinet doors.

First, we’ll touch on the two main types of Cabinet Doors; Cope & Stick and Mitered.

An example of a Cope & Stick Cabinet Door is shown at left.

The sample shown is the popular Shaker Cabinet Door, in Oak.

Cope & Stick doors can be square, like this Shaker Door, or they may be ordered with a variety of arches.

Some Arched Cope & Stick cabinet doors are being shown below the Shaker Cabinet Door.

The video at right shows the Cope & Stick assembly method.

While the Cope & Stick frame comes together at a 90-degree angle, the Mitered frame joins at a 45-degree angle.

At left is a video showing the assembly of this Mitered Cabinet Door, while out Delaware Mitered Cabinet Door is shown at right.

Several other examples of Mitered Cabinet Doors are being shown below the Delaware door.

Most Popular Cabinet Doors & Wood Types Available

Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors – Which Woods Paint Best & Which Woods To Avoid?


Most Popular Cabinet Doors For Sale

We make hundreds of Cabinet door styles in over a dozen wood types, and several of these woods are being shown now.

CabinetDoors.Com is the oldest and largest internet supplier of Custom Cabinet Doors, and we supply cabinet doors to several national hardware chains, hundreds of new home builders, and thousands of custom cabinet makers nationwide.

CabinetDoor.Com has produced this video to help answer questions about measuring cabinet openings, and the types of cabinet doors available today.

CabinetDoor.Com is a leading manufacturer of Cabinet Doors and we’ve been supplying cabinet doors to new home builders since 1980.

Most Popular Cabinet Doors We Sell

What is a Cope and Stick Cabinet Door, and how are they made?

Generally speaking there are two major categories of Cabinet Doors.  These are Solid Slab (or plank doors) and 5-piece doors.

The Slab door is simply several boards edge-glued and trimmed to the desired size.

The 5-piece door is more complex but more reliable and more pleasing in appearance.

5-piece cabinet doors are divided into two design categories; Cope and Stick and Mitered.

This post covers the Cope and Stick, 5-piece cabinet door.

Cope & Stick 5 Piece Cabinet Doors

The five pieces in a Cope and Stick door are the four parts of the frame, called Stiles and Rails. The Stiles are the vertical pieces, or sides of the frame and the Rails are the top and bottom pieces. The fifth piece of the 5-piece door is the panel, which the frame surrounds.

The reason the 5-piece door is more reliable than the Slab door is in the way each design responds to changes in relative humidity.

All woods will expand as humidity increases, and as humidity decreases they will contract. An average width Slab Cabinet Door, being between 14 and 20 inches wide, will expand and contract as humidity cycles over the year by as much as three-sixteenths-inches. Some wood types react more and some less, but three-sixteenths-inches is typical for a Slab door.

While this may not sound like much, it is enough to prevent butt-door pairs from closing during high humidity times.

Here is where the 5-piece design comes to the rescue.

In the 5-piece door the panel is allowed to float within the frame, so during panel expansion the panel edges simply move deeper into the Stiles and during contraction the panel slightly pulls back. The Cope and Stick door is designed with a groove for in the stiles so panel movement is accepted without being noticed.

panel float space

panel float space

The top drawing shows an end-view of the stile with a contracted wood (low humidity) panel, while the drawing below shows a humidity-expanded panel. Notice that the panel still reacts dimensionally with changes in humidity but in the 5-piece door this panel movement is absorbed by the groove in the stiles. This design keeps the overall width of the door constant as the relative humidity fluctuates.

Cope and Stick doors differ from the other 5-piece design by the method of joining the frame. This drawing shows the difference between the Mitered joint and the Cope and Stick joint. See the post on What is a Mitered Cabinet Door for more info.

Shop Cope & Stick Cabinet Doors At The Door Stop

Cope and Stick cabinet doors can be priced and ordered online from CabinetDoors.com and Mitered cabinet doors here.