Custom Cabinet Doors 101 – step-by-step Kitchen cabinet door replacement

Custom Cabinet Doors 101 – step-by-step Kitchen cabinet door replacement

This video will explain how to find and order Custom Cabinet Doors online, factory-direct, and at 50% below retail prices.

We’ll also show how to find detailed videos with detailed information on;
How to Measure Cabinet openings for new cabinet doors
How to attach concealed hinges to replacement cabinet doors
How to hang cabinet doors on existing cabinets
And, how to align cabinet doors using the hinge’s built-in adjustments.

Hi, My names Brady, and this video will answer your questions about buying and installing replacement cabinet doors.

It will also show you how to buy cabinet doors directly from the manufacturer and save over half off the big-box retail price.

Let’s get started.

We’ll follow the link at the top of the CabinetDoors.Com website to open our Youtube Channel.

You can now see video thumbnails which will open dozens of videos showing options and demonstrating methods on everything concerning the process of replacing cabinet doors.

The arrow is pointing to the video titled “How to measure Cabinet Openings for Replacement Cabinet Doors”.

This video explains, in detail, the process of measuring existing cabinet openings and how to calculate the proper sizes for new cabinet doors with any overlay.

Formulas for calculating both single and double doors are given and explained.

Next we’ll point to a video that walks through the complete process of installing new cabinet doors. It covers Calculating exact door sizes, attaching hinges, the secrets of hanging doors, and alignment.

These detailed videos will eliminate measuring errors and insure that you order the exact door sizes needed for your remodeling project.

Feel free to explore the Youtube Channel.

We have videos on painting cabinet doors, staining cabinet doors, and how to apply lacquer or polyurethane.

And next, we’ll point to several videos that demonstrate how to save a ton of money on your cabinet door project.

These videos show the prices charged by the national hardware chains and the Big-box stores.

Then we’ll show the prices charged by the actual factory.

Here is the short version…
For the popular Shaker Cabinet Door in Paint-grade, the big-box retail price is $22 per square foot.
The factory-direct price is $8.99 per square foot.

The retail price is over 240% more.

And it’s the same Shaker Cabinet Door. That’s right. We supply several national hardware chains, so you may be buying doors made in our factory regardless of where you buy.

Now that you have found the actual manufacturer, you have a choice that simply didn’t exist before the internet.

And that’s the choice of buying from the factory and avoiding the added costs of the retail marketing chain.
Manufacturer of custom cabinet doors in hundreds of styles and 14 wood types.