Custom cabinet doors

Cabinets are made in every possible width and height, so cabinet doors must be made in every possible width and height to fit the cabinets.

The almost infinite size range of cabinets created the need for Custom Cabinet Doors and this need has only increased over time.

At we have been making custom cabinet doors since 1980, and during that time we have built several million replacement cabinet doors in over 25,000 different sizes.

A few of our cabinet door styles are shown on the right.

Although the cabinet door sizes tend to be more common within certain ranges, the variation is still very large.

Because cabinets are designed for people, and most people are between 5-feet and 6-feet tall, designs target these averages.

Most lower cabinets are 24 to 30 inches high and most upper cabinets are in the range of 30 to 48 inches.

Doors are sized to fit those ranges and usually produce lower cabinet doors between 22 to 28 inches high with doors for upper cabinets ranging between 26 and 38 inches.

Because custom cabinets are designed to tightly fit the kitchen space, and no two houses are exactly the same, the cabinets for one house will vary from another by several inches or even several feet.

These differences result in the range of required cabinet doors, and therefore the need for the Custom Cabinet Door.

All of our cabinet door styles can be built in any custom size and can be sized in 1/16-inch steps.

All of our doors are sold as Unfinished Cabinet Doors and are available in any custom size and in any wood type.

We supply those needing Kitchen cabinet door replacement and New cabinet doors, as well as those refacing cabinets, and re-modeling kitchens.

Home owners needing cupboard doors or kitchen doors can find the prices for their cabinet doors and order cabinet doors online directly from the factory at

Your order will be built in under 10-days and shipped directly to your home or business.
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