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Where to find Custom Cabinet Doors and How to safely buy them online

Custom Cabinet Doors are not the off-the-shelf doors found at retail hardware stores. The Hardware store doors are the most common, lowest quality doors intended for the handyman building a few low-end cabinets for the laundry room.

The custom door will come from an American Manufacturer and not be imported from India or China. The American Manufacturer will offer a large selection to choose from, and will make any size you need. Sizes can be ordered in 1/16th inch steps and in virtually any wood you want.

Most of the websites offering custom cabinet doors don’t actually make the doors they sell, they just take your order and place it with an actual manufacturer. Of course they increase the price enough to make a profit, but the doors you receive will be American made and usually of good quality.

Over the past few years a few actual manufacturers have started offering their products factory-direct on websites. The advantage to finding the actual manufacturer is that you avoid paying the middleman markup and have a guarantee from the manufacturing company, instead of a guarantee from the middleman.

The Custom Cabinet Door manufacturing company with the oldest and largest online presence is CabinetDoors.Com, a division of Western Cabinet Doors, Inc. They have been in the business of making cabinet doors for home builders, custom cabinet shops, and furniture manufacturers for 35+ years and have been offering their doors on the web since the mid 1990’s. lets the remodeler see detailed pictures of the doors and allows ordering on the website. You simply select the door style you want, select the wood type, enter the quantity, width, and height, and the price is shown. Add that door selection to the shopping cart and enter your next size door. You will see the door list with the running total. There is even a button which will show the shipping charges as the order progresses.

You will know the total cost of the doors and drawer fronts, as well as the total shipping before you complete the process and enter your credit card information. Your privacy and security is assured through encrypted order processing and your piece of mind is guaranteed by our Better Business Bureau A+ rating. continues to lead in overall quality while saving the remodeler more than 30% off the hardware retail store prices. Delivery is another benefit from buying factory-direct. Our manufacturing time is 7-10 days so your doors will be completed and delivered well before the retail chain even finished the paperwork.