Errors & Delivery Dates

If you make a measurement error, we will rush the remake cabinet doorCabinetDoors.Com’s “Oops” Rush Policy can help get your cabinet shop out of the Hot Water!
You just finished your first order of cabinets for that home builder you’ve been after for years, and you realized you have an error on one of the cabinets. You are scheduled to install the cabinets in a few days and an incomplete installation might damage the relationship with your new customer.
What can you do? Remake the cabinet and make the doors yourself? Will the doors match the other doors closely enough? Do you have the time? Can your door supplier make the new doors quickly enough?

Well, if your door supplier is CabinetDoors.Com you can get this emergency order in just 2-days. That’s 48-hours. We call this an “Oops Order” and we reserve space in our production line just for these mistakes that sometimes seem to happen.

We realize that waiting two weeks for these “Oops” doors could very well mean that you will lose that builder that you have worked so very hard to land, and we will do everything we can to help you keep him.

So, if you screw-up (and we all do), give us a call and we’ll get the Oops doors to you in 48-hours. Whether it’s one door or the whole kitchen, we will jump through the hoops for you and with you.

So, next time a mistake threatens to make you miss a deadline and your cabinet door supplier quotes you a 2-week delivery on the remakes, remember our Oops policy.
We would have built your Oops doors, inspected your doors, and delivered your doors in just 2-days. And we’re very willing jump through the hoops for you with no up-charge regardless of the overtime we will be paying to accomplish the 2-day turn.

We offer this service because we value our relationship with our customers, and it’s one of the ways we try and repay the loyalty you have shown us over the years.

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