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We have articles about the different design styles of doors and how they are made.

Ever wonder what the differences are between Cope & Stick and Mitered Doors? The differences as well as how each style is made are explained.

Which woods paint best is discussed in detail in “Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors…Which woods paint best and which woods to avoid?”

For a complete discussion of finishing, take a look at “Step-by-step instructions on how to finish new cabinet doors…Easy, Attractive, and Long-lasting”

“How to prevent damage to unfinished cabinet doors prior to finishing” gives tips on keeping cabinet doors safe until they can be finished.

If you are considering refacing or remodeling your kitchen, you need to read this post…”Cabinet Door Replacement: The steps from ordering to job completion (long post)”

And “The six rules for painting replacement kitchen cabinet doors” can help prevent accidents in finishing your new doors.

These articles and dozens more are aimed at making your project easier and far less stressful.