How to confirm a website can be trusted

When looking for Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors on the internet CabinetDoors.Com offers complete privacy and total peace of mind for web ordering. But not all websites are equally cautious!
As the number of e-commerce websites grows into the millions, it can be difficult to determine which sites are legitimate and which sites are not so much.
Here are a few things to look for when selection a trust worthy website.
Read the About tab. If the website is new or doesn’t tell you how long they have been in business, that is a red flag.
Does the website have secure credit card processing? Look for proof that your credit card information is encrypted. The Logo of the largest online card processor is If you see this logo you should have added confidence.
Look for indications of the website conforming to excellent business standards. The Better Business Bureau Logo assures that you are about to deal with a reputable online business.
Does the website have a phone number and a physical address? Give them a call before placing the order just to confirm someone actually answers the call. Keep in mind that if you have a problem you will be calling that same number, and listening to “how important your call is to them” for 20 minutes will get really annoying while you are trying to correct a problem.
Look at the pricing for the products. Are shipping costs explained and are those costs firm (or will they adjust after you place the order). If you don’t know the total cost before you place the order then don’t place it.
Read the customer reviews. Especially look at the reviews addressing you errors were handled.
It’s always a concern when ordering from an unknown website, but a little research before ordering can usually prevent the unexpected.
CabinetDoors.Com offers totally secure credit card processing and guarantees your safety. We are a Better Business Bureau listed company with an A+ rating, so you can be assured we will quickly correct any issues that may arise, and our 800-phone number is answered promptly during working hours. We invite you to call, even before you place your order to confirm our existence and remove any internet ordering concerns you may have.