How to find Top Quality Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Trying to find high quality kitchen cabinet doors for your cabinet refacing project can be very difficult. Unless you know where to look. Knowing where some cabinet door manufacturers save money is the key to being able to spot quality.

One of the areas where manufacturing money is saved is in the thickness of the replacement cabinet door. Because hardwood lumber is sole by the board-foot (which is a volume measurement), thinner wood means lower cost. So, if the manufacturer cuts the thickness of his cabinet doors down to 3/4-inch or even thinner, he saves between 10% and 22% on his wood costs. Because most replacement cabinet door customers don’t even think about how thick a cabinet door should be, this deception usually goes unnoticed.
The home-owner, however, will notice the problems with the “thin” door. Thin doors are more prone to warping, more easily damaged, and tend to close with an annoying “Clank” as opposed to the “solid Thud” of a thicker door.

Most “Modular Cabinets” being marketed today are made in China and will have cabinet doors at-or-below 3/4″ thickness. Many American manufacturers of replacement cabinet doors also use thin wood for their doors.

There are still some American Kitchen Cabinet Door manufacturers that haven’t sacrificed quality by going to the thin woods, and here are links to a few. is the oldest cabinet door manufacturer on the web and makes cabinet doors at a plump 13/16″. These doors are much more stout than the thin 5/8 or 3/4-inch import doors and will actually weigh 25-30% more than the thin Modular Cabinet doors. But, the most interesting part is that these doors cost the same or less than the Chinese imports. is well reviewed and Better Business Bureau rated A+. The main reason for the lower cost is that sell factory direct off their website while the imports sell through middlemen and retail outlets like IKEA and Big Box Stores.

Several internet websites buy doors from and mark then up on their webpages, and even these websites are less expensive than the Big Box stores.

Another website making thick doors is They have been in business for several decades and make a fine product.

Cimino’s Cabinet Doors, in Northern California also makes top quality full-thickness doors.