How to find Top-Quality Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The most serious problem to overcome in purchasing a high quality kitchen cabinet door is to locate a source of custom cabinet doors as opposed to the lower quality modular doors. Here are the differences between the custom and modular marketing models, and how the two approaches will affect the end consumer.

The hardware retail chain (selling modular doors) will forward your order to the stocking warehouse where the doors in your order will be pulled. The doors are then packaged and shipped to the retail store placing the order. This process usually takes 15-to-20 working days.
The modular doors will typically be thinner, use lower quality materials, and come in standard widths with 3-inch increments. These are the doors available through the hardware store chains and most internet websites.
Custom doors, on the other hand, can be ordered direct from the manufacturer in any width and height and in sizing increments of 1/16-inch. They can also be ordered in hundreds of door styles while the modular doors typically come in two or three styles.
The reason for the 3-inch increments and reduced style selection offered by the hardware chains relates to inventory investment. It’s much less costly to stock a few dozen door sizes than to stock the thousands of door sizes that would be required when offering true custom sizing.
Custom cabinet doors, on the other hand, are made by the door manufacturer and shipped directly to the consumer. There is no inventory to keep, all orders are made to order. There is no stocking warehouse to add cost and no retail store time delay or profit margin. The manufacturer will typically offer dozens (or even hundreds) of door styles and each of these styles is available in any wood type, where the hardware chain can offer only a few wood types.
The real benefit to the consumer is the quality of the doors. Because the Custom door manufacturer routinely processes hundreds of custom sized orders each day for cabinet shops all over the country, any web orders are easily added into the days production run. This web order is treated no differently than any other order from cabinet makers, remodelers, or kitchen designers everywhere. The quality supplied to these cabinet professionals is the same quality the web purchaser receives.
Other benefits to the consumer are the cost and the delivery time. The only added expense to the manufacturer is the cost of operating the website, which is considerably less that the hardware chain’s cost of operating a stocking warehouse and the retail chain’s required profit margin. So the cost difference is significant; Custom doors from the manufacturer’s website will be available in any custom size, cost about 30% less than hardware chain’s modular doors, be delivered in about half the time, and be of the quality a professional cabinet maker would expect.
When buying from the manufacturer’s website your order will be produced and delivered to your home in 8-15 working days (depending upon shipping distance from the factory).
These are the differences between what you will receive from the chain retailers and what is supplied direct from the manufacturer’s website.
It’s easy to see the value offered to the consumer as more actual manufacturers start to offer their products to the savvy web consumer.
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