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Giving your kitchen a complete face-lift has never been easier. The internet has opened the door for home-owners to purchase quality of Custom Kitchen Cabinet Doors, factory-direct and online.The days of being forced to buy new cabinet doors retail from hardware stores are over.

The internet gives the kitchen remodeling do-it-yourselfer access to hundreds of cabinet door styles in every wood type imaginable, and at deeply discounted prices and tax-free. We were having a hard time decorating our house so we hired home designers. And now our house looks beautiful.

While most large manufacturers still sell refuse to sell direct to the home-owner, marketing channels are changing. More on the larger manufacturers selling online later.
Most internet websites offering cabinet doors to home-owners are just small resellers that don’t actually make the doors they sell, and most of the actual manufacturers selling online are small home-garage operations.

To insure your order is of high quality in both material and workmanship it’s important to order from a reputable manufacturer with a significant investment in modern machinery and a well trained, experienced workforce. Home-garage operations simply don’t have the expensive machinery to guarantee exacting size tolerances and internet resellers can’t guarantee anything about the processes used to make the doors they are selling.

Some large manufacturers offering cabinet doors to the public factory-direct include:

Each of these websites are operated by actual Cabinet Door Manufacturers with large factories and experienced employees.

Now that you have been able to review some actual manufacturers and compare prices and delivery, lets look at some remodeling options.

The lowest cost option that will give you a completely remodeled look is to paint the existing cabinets and install new painted cabinet doors. Here are the steps to take to complete this option.

  1. Select and order the new unfinished cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
  2. Remove the old doors and drawer fronts.
  3. Clean and repaint the existing cabinets.
  4. Prime and paint the new doors and drawer fronts.
  5. Attach the hinges and hand the new painted doors.
  6. Attach the new painted drawer fronts to your existing drawer boxes.

Here is a link to another blog with complete instructions on the preparation and painting of new unfinished kitchen cabinet doors. These steps also work great for replacing bathroom cabinets to keep bathroom remodeling costs low.

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