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Looking Back on 2019's Most Popular Kitchen Trends

Some trends offer a flash in the pan while others are built to stand the test of time. Looking back on the most popular kitchen trends of 2019, it’s likely that many of them will remain popular into 2020 and beyond. This year, designers were finding clever ways to make use of space, material, color, and style – creating kitchens that look as appealing as they are exciting. If you have been dreaming about your own kitchen renovation, take some inspiration from popular kitchen trends of 2019.

Cabinets With Color

After years of all-white and all-black kitchens, colorful cabinets are finally making a comeback. Bold colors give a kitchen an instant identity. Plus, making the cabinets the center of attention helps to distract from the elements of your kitchen that you like less. You could also go with a more subtle color that elevates the look of the space instead of blending into the background like white cabinets often do. Light green colors reminiscent of mint were particularly popular in 2019.

Stone in the Kitchen

Rich wood grains give a kitchen a natural, organic feel, and now designers are discovering that stone does something similar. Walls, countertops, and backsplashes made from stone provide a nice contrast to the man-made elements in the kitchen. The space also appears more distinctive thanks to the unpredictable patterns that nature creates in different types of stone. Each of these kitchens featuring stone is truly one of a kind.

Mixing Wood Species

Depending on the cabinetry, using the same type of wood throughout a kitchen can make the space feel flat. Incorporating multiple wood species gives the space visual appeal, especially when they’re coordinated with the other elements in the space. Typically, it’s better to use darker colors for lower cabinets to create a sense of grounding. You should also keep the color of the walls, floor, and appliances in mind to avoid anything that clashes.

High-Tech Everything

2019 saw many people replacing their older appliances with newer models equipped with high-tech features. Smart fridges, stoves, coffee makers and more promise to make life in the kitchen easier by using the wonders of Wi-Fi. Regardless of how you feel about high-tech appliances, newer models are more efficient, offer practical features, and come in an exciting range of styles. Replacing just one old appliance is a relatively easy and affordable way to upgrade life in the kitchen.

Style in Two Tones

It has taken a while, but we have finally realized that kitchen cabinets don’t have to perfectly identical. Some of the most stylish kitchens from 2019 incorporate cabinets in two distinctly different finishes. Perhaps the top cabinets are a stained wood while the bottom cabinets are painted a bright color. Others have paired two types of stains, two colors of paint, or even three or more different elements. The point is that the kitchen no longer requires perfect uniformity. Ambitious designers can use their cabinet doors to add ample amounts of visual flair.

Completely Clutter-Free

One of the most popular kitchen trends of 2019 is inspired by a broader cultural phenomenon – Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up. The cleaning guru taught people how to declutter their lives, and now they’re taking that same philosophy into the kitchen. Homeowners are finding ways to get anything and everything off the countertops, which often means adding more storage space or simply getting rid of the unnecessary kitchen junk that accumulates over the years.

Doors from Different Eras

Continuing the theme of using cabinet doors in dynamic and unexpected ways, designers have started mixing and matching different cabinet door styles in the same space. They may be different on the high and low cabinets, alternate styles on every other door, or add a glass-fronted door in a strategic space. With a little coordination, the different door styles compliment and contrast each other in ways that make the kitchen feel alive with style.

Makeover in Matte

Kitchens don’t have to be shiny to look sleek or stylish. In fact, some of the most stunning kitchens built in recent months rely on a matte color pallet. Matte black, gray, and white all have a clean and solid look that can make an ordinary cabinet or island appear to be a high-end feature. Better still, matte kitchens have a timeless quality that will help them preserve their looks long after 2019 is over.

Singular Sinks

Every kitchen looks different, yet almost every kitchen sink looks the same. One popular kitchen trend in 2019 saw homeowners breaking the mold by installing unique sinks. Some boast elaborate designs while others are made of bold-looking materials like copper. Unexpected taps and faucets make these sinks even more singular. Not everyone wants their sink to stand out, but replacing the one you have with something more functional or stylish can make doing the dishes a lot more tolerable.

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