New Machinery At The Door Stop


New Coping Machines

New Coping machinery arrives at The Door Stop

Along with new Triple-head Widebelt Sanders and additional CNC Mitering machinery, The Door Stop has added two additional Cope & Stick Coping Machines.

Accuracy in Coping is essential in hi-quality cabinet door manufacturing. Accurate and tight-tolerance copes make for exceptionally tight joints and are necessary for the widebelt sanding operations that follow. Without highly accurate copes the sanding operations will remove unequal amounts of material across the face of the door, not allowing the successively finer widebely grits to completely remove the scratch pattern left by the prior sanding belt.

Accurate copes produce a door with a perfectly matched and flat frame which will allow each sanding belt to completely remove the scratch pattern left by the prior widebelt.

Our coping machinery produces a door with a side-to-side thickness tolerance of 5-thousandths of an inch, which allows our sanding machinery to remove all visible cross-grain scratches. And, no cross-grain scratches assures you that your doors will truly arrive stain-ready.

Increasing demand calls for increased capacity and The Door Stop has responded. We promise a 7-10 day delivery schedule and these new machines will guarantee that you will continue to receive superior quality cabinet doors in a time frame that leads the industry.

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