How To Recognize Real Quality

The demand for new cabinets in new housing and remodeling is addressed by two very different manufacturing approaches. One approach is to optimize manufacturing efficiency by limiting the sizes manufactured and maximizing employee productivity. This approach is referred to as “Modular Cabinets”. The Modular Cabinet manufacturer usually makes the cabinet boxes with widths starting at … Continue reading

Not All Red Oaks Are Created Equal

Red Oak is one of the most popular woods for cabinets and it’s reliable, it’s durable, and it’s beautiful when used for cabinet doors. But, not all of the Red Oaks are equally beautiful. There are many varieties within the Red Oak families and this discussion is limited to those more commonly used in the … Continue reading

Moulder Knife Marks Per Inch

Improperly set moulder feed rates can cause a Washboard finish that is often invisible until stain is applied. Here is a table published by Wisconsin Knife Works, Inc. summarizing the results of their study on the number of knife marks per inch required to produce a stain-ready finish on various wood types. This table shows … Continue reading

Accurate Sizing & Humidity Effects

There are three key steps in manufacturing 5-piece Cabinet Doors that will determine the sizing accuracy of the finished door. If each of these steps is held within a tight tolerance, the finished product will be accurate to within the desired 1/64 inch, or about 15-thousandths. The first of the three critical operations is moulder … Continue reading

How to store Unfinished Cabinet Doors to minimize warping

All wood products need to be finished quickly but if you just can’t here are some things you can do to reduce the chance of damage until you can finish your new cabinet doors. Cabinet doors, like any wood product, need to be sealed and finished as soon as possible. Timely finishing will prevent several … Continue reading

Moisture & Product Dependability

Ideally the wood’s moisture content will be matched so the average relative humidity of the region where the wood product will be used will allow the wood’s moisture content to be stable. When the wood moisture content and the local climate is closely matched, the finish on the cabinet door will keep the moisture content … Continue reading

Adopting The Metric System

Like most cabinet door manufacturers, we developed computer programs to generate cut-lists for the components used in our cabinet doors. Our program was formatted to print component sizes using fractions instead of decimal. This is because woodworkers understand a fraction like 12 7/16, but 12.4375 is not a language that comes natural to most woodworkers.

Concealed Hinges will bore the hinge pockets (two per door) in your cabinet doors for $6.00 per door and supply top quality, American-made, Blum, Clip-top Inserta Hinges for $3.50 per hinge (or $7.00 per door). So, for $13.00 per door,  your doors will be drilled and the hinges supplied too.. The Blum Hinges we supply are top quality, self closing, … Continue reading

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