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The start of a new year is a natural time to think about renovating your kitchen. Likewise, the beginning of a new decade is the perfect moment to switch up your kitchen style to something fresh and forward-thinking. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to rebuild your space from top to bottom to reflect the hottest kitchen trends of 2020 and beyond. Start considering what kinds of fixes, improvements, and additions you’d like to make, along with how much you’re comfortable spending and what is your expected timeline. Then use this list of popular kitchen trends you will see in 2020 to start crafting your design ideas:

Bold Stone Surfaces

Granite countertops are great, but if you have seen one then you’ve basically seen them all. Designers are already starting to incorporate other kinds of stone into the kitchen, especially marble. In addition to having great functional properties, marble is available with rich colors and patterns running through the material, making it a bold addition to your overall design. Expect to see a lot of marble countertops, backsplashes, and islands this year, along with new stone styles used in creative ways.

Splashes of Color

The last decade saw the return of the all-white kitchen, and while this look has a timeless appeal, it really lacks flair. In response, homeowners are starting to find fun ways to bring some color back into the kitchen beyond just a houseplant or fruit bowl. For example, a brightly-painted island provides an eye-catching contrast to the rest of the room and helps draw people to the center of the space. Cabinet doors made colorful with paint or stain are another way to add pop to the space. You don’t want to go overboard with color (unless that’s your style), but you don’t need to be strictly neutral either.

Light Hardwoods

In the latest kitchen designs, homeowners and designers alike are rediscovering the beauty of lighter hardwoods, like maple and oak, especially when used throughout an entire kitchen. Thanks to their soft but warm color, these woods help to brighten everything around them, especially the cold surfaces of countertops or stainless steel appliances. Cabinet doors, accent pieces, and floors made from lighter hardwoods are poised to be popular kitchen trends for years to come – meaning they won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Dynamic Shapes

As a backlash against the minimalist kitchen, some designers are filling the space with designs and details simply for the sake of embellishment. That might mean an island with unique cutouts, a countertop with a bold curve, or a cabinet door with an intricate raised-panel design — anything that captures attention and sparks interest. Many popular kitchen trends you will see in 2020 are about putting your own stamp on a space and doing things for the sake of style alone.

Cheerful Cherry

Cherry wood fell out of favor during the era of bright, clean kitchens. Some designers felt its deep, almost orange color looked too rustic in a kitchen filled with sparkling surfaces. But now cherry is having something of a comeback with homeowners looking to bring an organic feel into the kitchen. Compared to the gleaming surfaces in the rest of the space, cherry looks natural and inviting, which is exactly the ambiance you want in the room where people gather to cook, eat, and commune. Some easy ways to add cherry to your current kitchen include swapping out your current cabinet doors for cherry-wood replacements or using a cherry-wood butcher block to do all your food prep.

Kitchen Lamps

Kitchens traditionally use lights installed along the ceiling or under the cabinets. Freestanding lamps were never considered an option, mostly because they were seen as clutter in kitchen spaces where table or counter space was at a premium. That’s changing as homeowners discover the joys of having a kitchen lamp: you can move it wherever it’s useful, it provides a welcoming beacon of light, and it acts as a unique accent in your kitchen design. With lots of low-profile and energy-efficient lamp options on the market, it’s never been easier to find one that perfectly suits your space.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors have never really gone out of style, but in this decade, we can expect to see them used in new ways. Examples that are already showing up in recent renovations include glass with unique colors and textures, as well as glass cabinet doors paired with open shelves to create an airy, light-filled kitchen. Another reason these doors are popular is because they provide a significant transformation while on a budget. Simply replacing the current cabinet doors with an option that incorporates glass gives the whole kitchen a new feel even though almost everything else is the same.

Follow Popular Kitchen Trends with The Door Stop

Almost every kitchen upgrade involves the cabinet doors in some way. That’s because the cabinet doors are the single biggest design element in most kitchens, both in terms of size and visual presence. For many designers, the cabinet doors “define” the design and everything else follows from that. So if you want to make big changes to your kitchen, start with the cabinet doors. As long as the cabinets underneath are in good shape, you can replace just the doors and transform your kitchen without a lot of effort or expense. Incorporating custom-built replacement cabinet doors is one of the popular kitchen trends you will see in 2020 because every homeowner wants smart ways to upgrade kitchens without busting their budget or exhausting their patience. Count on The Door Stop to make selecting, ordering, and installing easy. Start exploring our top cabinet door options today.