Replacement Cabinet Doors; Choosing between the options.

Looking for Replacement Cabinet Doors? Here is how to focus your search and get exactly what you want.


The first step is to determine the look you are after.
Cabinet Doors typically come in two designs: Mitered and Cope and Stick.

These designs can be further divided into Raised Panel and Inset Panel, and the Cope & Stick doors can be further sub-grouped into square, single arch, or double arch.
All cabinet doors (mitered or cope & stick) are available as Glass Frames and as Glass Frames with French Lites.


Lets look at the two major design options first; Mitered and Cope & Stick.
Both the Mitered and Cope & Stick designs refer only to the frame of the cabinet door. That is the outside frame that secures the center panel. This frame is similar to a picture frame which holds the picture. The frame of a cabinet door can hold either a Raised Panel, an Inset Panel, or may be simply a Glass Frame with no panel.


The Cope & Stick method of assembling doors is well established and has existed for over a century. The machinery required for this method of joining stile and rails is fairly simple and is used by most of the cabinet shops that still make their own doors. Newer, computerized methods of Cope & Stick machining are available but, because of high cost, these machines are limited to the major cabinet door manufacturers. Our Cope & Stick processing lines utilize the latest technology and produce tolerances of under 10/1,000 inch.
Below is a picture of our Cope and Stick machining process.

Mitering machinery has followed a similar path to high-tech machining.
Older mitering methods of cutting the 45’s with a miter saw and joining the frame with dowels or biscuits simply cannot compete with modern computerized mitering machinery.
Computerized machinery will produce a perfect 45-degree miter time-after-time. These miter joints assemble perfectly and each Mitered Cabinet will be absolutely square with the joints tightly closed and securely joined.
Below is a picture of our Mitering process.

Now, within both of the Mitered and Cope & Stick frame designs come the options of having either a Raised Panel or an Inset Panel assembled inside the door frame.
We offer over 30 Raised Panel profile choices and most of those profiles are offered with any of our cabinet door designs. Below left is an example of a Cope & Stick Inset Panel door and a Cope & Stick Raised Panel door. Below right are pictures of Mitered Inset Panel and Raised Panel doors.


Cabinet Doors have literally thousands of possible design options, some extremely popular and some not yet even tried.
For instance, there are hundreds of different outside edges that can be machined on any door. Some of these edge designs are functional, like “Finger Pull” edges intended to offer a finger grip and eliminate the need for knobs.
Some are designs intended to enhance the look of the door and some are extensions accentuating the look of the stile/rail or the panel design.


Other cabinet door options include decorative Applied Mouldings.
These mouldings are special designed frame enhancements applied to the inside edge of the frame components. Some can be even be applied to specially routed cuts in the face of the frame, like various sized Rope Mouldings.
Applied Mouldings are available on many door designs in both the Cope & Stick and the Mitered door lines.


Glass Frames are another option in the Specialty Door lines.
Glass Frames will have no panel and an opening for the glass is routed from the back of the frame. These Glass Frames are also offered with French Lites, which are optional in every cabinet door design. Here is a link to our Cope & Stick Glass Frames.

Here are links to our Cope & Stick 4-Lite Frames and 6-lite French Lite Glass Frames.

Our line of Mitered Glass Frames is here.
Our line of Mitered 4 and 6-Lite French Lite frames can be seen here.
Our 6-Lite Mitered French Lite Glass Frames are here.

Because all Custom Cabinet Doors are made to order, and not pulled from stocking shelves, buying exactly what you want is not only a dream, it’s a reality.

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