Step-by-step process of installing replacement kitchen cabinet doors

the Step-by-step process of installing replacement kitchen cabinet doors

Installing replacement kitchen cabinet doors can be completed by the average homeowner, and with professional looking results.

We’ll show the secrets and methods used by the professional installers, and give some tips that will prevent some of the common mistakes.

First, we’ll open our Youtube page where we have dozens of How-to videos.
Clicking the TV Icon at the top of the page opens this channel.

Click the Videos tab to see the first complete page of videos.

Now by clicking any of the thumbnails, you can watch any of the videos.

The most detailed of our videos on installing cabinet doors is the “Step-by-step process of installing replacement kitchen cabinet doors”.

This video covers all the steps from measuring openings, ordering cabinet doors, attaching hinges, hanging doors on the cabinets, and aligning the doors using the hinge adjustments.

A few of the other videos, which you may find informative, include “How to stain replacement cabinet doors” and, “How to apply Polyurethane to stained replacement cabinet doors”.

“The difference between Mitered and Cope & Stick Cabinet Doors” explains the two basic designs of cabinet doors as well as how they are assembled.

Now we’ll explain our simple ordering process and show the savings available by buying directly from the manufacturer.

This example will use our popular Shaker Cabinet Door.

Start by clicking our Most Popular Cabinet Doors link, then scroll down and click the Shaker Door picture.

This opens the Shaker Door product page where woods can be chosen and sizes are entered.

We’ll select Paint-Grade for wood type and enter a width and height of 12 inches.
Notice the price for that door is shown.

Here’s where you’ll be able to see the savings from buying factory-direct we mentioned earlier.

Notice the price for the one square foot Shaker door we entered.

The Big-box hardware chains price this unfinished Shaker Cabinet Door at $22 and $30 per square foot.

Our price….$8.99 per square foot.

We manufacture all the door styles carried by the national hardware chains, as well as hundreds of door styles they don’t offer.

The only difference is the price. The retail price is over twice the factory-direct price.

And, because we supply several national hardware chains with cabinet doors, you may be getting our doors regardless of where you buy.

The price will be the only major difference. The factory-direct price, or the retail price at 200% more.

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Manufacturer of custom cabinet doors in hundreds of styles and 14 wood types.
We supply Cabinet Doors to several national hardware chains as well as hundreds of Home Builders and Custom Cabinet Makers nationwide.