How Mitered Cabinet Doors are made

This video shows many of our replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

One of our computerized machines, shown at top-left, cuts the perfect 45-degree miter and routes the mortise and tenon for our invisible, industry-leading mitered door joining method.

At bottom-right we demonstrate the assembly of this joint and show how the invisible mortise and tenon produce the tightest and strongest mitered assembly method in the industry.

All mitered cabinet door manufactures will eventually be using this method but, as of January 2016, we are the only manufacturer offering mitered doors online with this level of manufacturing quality.

A few of the kitchen cabinet door styles we manufacture can be seen as these doors move past. Several stop and expand and those doors are mentioned by door name.

The first of these doors is the Woodhaven, at top-left. This cabinet door is shown in Red Oak.

Next is our Vermont door, shown in Select Alder.

The Vermont is followed by our Manhattan door, in Select Maple.

Next is our Camden, shown in Alder and finished with Minwax Stain.

Our Bellingham, shown in Maple is an applied Moulding cabinet door.

The Delaware cabinet door is shown in Alder.

This Ponderosa door is also shown in Alder, which is very similar to Cherry in appearance.

Next is our Sheffield cabinet door shown in Maple (sometimes called hard-rock maple).

Our Malibu door is of Hickory and some call the color variations in hickory “Calico Hickory”.

And this Danish kitchen cabinet door features the simple, uncluttered look of its sister door, the Cope & Stick Shaker door.

Each of our replacement kitchen cabinet doors in the Mitered styles are available in all woods and in any custom sizes above the minimums.