How to fix a stripped screw hole so cabinet doors can hang straight

We get lots of calls about how to fix cabinet doors that don’t hang straight.

This seems to be a problem that quite a few folks have come across so I’ll take a minute to offer a simple and quick fix.

If the problem is a bent, warn, or broken hinge it will need to be replaced, and a trip to the hardware store should do it.

However, the most common problem is that the screw hole is stripped and the screw just can’t hold it’s grip.

The usual cause of the stripped hole is that the door started to hang crooked and the screw was over tightened while attempting to fix the problem.

Here is the quick way to fix the stripped holeā€¦

Get a few toothpicks.

Dip a toothpick in a little white glue (Elmers works great).

Stick the toothpick in the stripped hole.

Repeat with the toothpick into the glue into the hole until the hole is full.

Wait a day then replace your hinge and the screw.

Now the hinge should be able to be adjusted within it’s design parameters.

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