How Mitered and Cope & Stick Cabinet Doors are made, and the differences between the two designs.

How Mitered and Cope & Stick Cabinet Doors are made, and the differences between the two designs.

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How Mitered Cabinet Doors are made

This video shows many of our replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

One of our computerized machines, shown at top-left, cuts the perfect 45-degree miter and routes the mortise and tenon for our invisible, industry-leading mitered door joining method.

At bottom-right we demonstrate the assembly of this joint and show how the invisible mortise and tenon produce the tightest and strongest mitered assembly method in the industry.

All mitered cabinet door manufactures will eventually be using this method but, as of January 2016, we are the only manufacturer offering mitered doors online with this level of manufacturing quality.

A few of the kitchen cabinet door styles we manufacture can be seen as these doors move past. Several stop and expand and those doors are mentioned by door name.

The first of these doors is the Woodhaven, at top-left. This cabinet door is shown in Red Oak.

Next is our Vermont door, shown in Select Alder.

The Vermont is followed by our Manhattan door, in Select Maple.

Next is our Camden, shown in Alder and finished with Minwax Stain.

Our Bellingham, shown in Maple is an applied Moulding cabinet door.

The Delaware cabinet door is shown in Alder.

This Ponderosa door is also shown in Alder, which is very similar to Cherry in appearance.

Next is our Sheffield cabinet door shown in Maple (sometimes called hard-rock maple).

Our Malibu door is of Hickory and some call the color variations in hickory “Calico Hickory”.

And this Danish kitchen cabinet door features the simple, uncluttered look of its sister door, the Cope & Stick Shaker door.

Each of our replacement kitchen cabinet doors in the Mitered styles are available in all woods and in any custom sizes above the minimums.

What is a Mitered Cabinet Door and how are they made?

As I explained in the post “What is a Cope and Stick Cabinet Door and How are They Made?”, there are two major categories of Cabinet Doors. These are Solid Slab, or plank doors, and 5-piece doors.

The Slab door is simply several boards edge-glued and trimmed to the desired size.

5-piece cabinet doors are divided into two design categories; Cope and Stick and Mitered.

The 5-piece door is more complex but more reliable and more pleasing in appearance. This is especially true with Mitered doors which offer more moulding choices than Cope and Stick designs.

This post is focused on the Mitered, 5-piece cabinet door.

The drawing below shows a Cope and Stick Cabinet Door and Drawer Front on the left and a Mitered Cabinet Door and Drawer Front on the right. The differences are in the corners and the method of joining the parts of the frame.
The Mitered door has the frame joined at a 45-degree angle while the Cope and Stick door frame is connected at a 90-degree angle.

The five pieces in a Mitered door are the four parts of the frame, called Stiles and Rails. The Stiles are the vertical pieces, or sides of the frame and the Rails are the top and bottom pieces. The fifth piece of the 5-piece door is the panel, which the frame surrounds.

The reason the 5-piece door is more reliable than the Slab door is in the way each design responds to changes in relative humidity.

All woods will expand as humidity increases, and as humidity decreases they will contract. An average width Slab Cabinet Door, being between 14 and 20 inches wide, will expand and contract with humidity cycles over the year by as much as three-sixteenths-inches. Some wood types react more and some less, but three-sixteenths-inches is typical for a Slab door.

While this may not sound like much, it is enough to prevent butt-door pairs from closing during high humidity times and cause a gap between the butt doors of one-half inch in low humidity times.

Here is where the 5-piece design comes to the rescue.

In the 5-piece door the panel is allowed to float within the frame, so during panel expansion the panel edges simply move deeper into the Stiles and during contraction the panel slightly pulls back. The Mitered door is designed with a groove for in the stiles so panel movement is accepted without being noticed.

The top drawing shows an end-view of the stile with a contracted wood (low humidity) panel, while the drawing below shows a humidity-expanded panel. Notice that the panel still reacts dimensionally with changes in humidity but in the 5-piece door this panel movement is absorbed by the groove in the stiles. This design keeps the overall width of the door constant as the relative humidity fluctuates.

With Mitered doors there are several joining methods used across the industry. The newer methods using computerized machinery are more reliable and far more accurate. The blind mortise and tenon method produces an invisible joint that is both stronger and more resistant moisture than earlier joining methods. An example of this blind joint is pictured below.

Mitered Cabinet Door Joint


Blind Mortise and Tenon Mitered Cabinet Door Joint 


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Kitchen Cabinet Doors: How to buy online and get better quality

Many folks have told us about their search for kitchen cabinet doors at big-box and major hardware retail stores. They tell us about shopping but leaving very disappointed with the quality of the cabinet doors those retailers offer.

The fact is that major retailers can’t make the profit margins they require by offering a top-quality product, so they purchase lower quality (at a lower price) and advertise it in their stores.

The internet has made it possible to bypass the retail store and eliminate the retail store markup. By simply running a Google search for Cabinet Door Manufacturers, you can locate the actual company that makes the cabinet doors. Most times the manufacturers you locate are also the suppliers to the major retailers. The difference will be the quality; the retailers buy a thin, lower quality, lower priced door. You will not even see those low quality doors, Instead, you will be buying their top quality product; the same product they offer to professional cabinet makers and custom home builders.

One of the largest Custom Cabinet Door Manufacturers in the country, and the first door manufacturer to offer their products to home-owners from a website is CabinetDoors.Com. has been supplying kitchen cabinet doors to Custom Cabinet Makers, Custom Home Builders, and Furniture Manufacturers for over 35 years. And, for the past 20 years our cabinet doors have been available on our website.

Yes, we offer our products Factory-direct to home-owners and do-it-yourself re-modelers. You can order from a selection of hundreds of door styles in dozens of wood types, and in any custom sizes you need. The pricing is shown as you enter the sizes and even the Fedex shipping is shown before you enter your payment information. No hidden charges, manufacturing time is just 7-to-10 working days, quality is far superior to the doors carried by retailers, and your cabinet doors will be made in America with a solid guarantee backed by a solid American company.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors are made in Traditional Cope and Stick designs, Mitered designs, Glass Frames, Arched or Square, even Glass Frames with four or six lights.

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Cabinet Doors Online: How and Where to buy

The internet has made it possible to find sources for the do-it-yourself re-modeler to buy custom sizes of cabinet doors.

The majority of Cabinet Door Websites don’t actually make the doors they sell, and because they need to make a profit, they price the doors on their website higher than you will pay if you can find the actual manufacturer.

Way back in the mid 1990’s Western Cabinet Doors, Inc launched the first website offering custom sized cabinet doors on the internet. Western Cabinet Doors is a large manufacturer of Cabinet Doors, supplying hundreds of styles of doors to thousands of Home Builders, Custom Cabinet Shops, and Furniture Manufactures across the United States.

Today you can purchase their products on CabinetDoors.Com and choose from hundreds of door styles in dozens of wood types. You cab browse all the cabinet door possibilities and price your new doors by entering your custom sizes and choosing your wood. Even the cost of Fedex shipping to your home is shown before you enter your credit card.

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How to locate sources for Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

July 2014 by Jim Hill

There are two distribution channels for most manufactured products. One is directly from the manufacturer. The other is from the manufacturer, through a distributor, and finally, through a retailer, before reaching the consumer.

Distributors and stocking representatives are simply middlemen who buy directly from manufacturers. They must increase the price to cover their expenses and obtain a desired profit. They then sell to retailers. The retail store again adds his expenses and profit to arrive at the price the retail stores charges the consumer for the item.

In the pre-internet times the middleman assumed the marketing function for the manufacturer. This marketing and sales function being handled by the assorted middlemen allowed the manufacturer to concentrate on engineering and production issues while avoiding the expense of maintaining marketing and sales staffs. But today, the internet has dramatically reduced the costs of marketing and sales to the point where many manufacturers are reconsidering their sales strategies. Every year more manufacturers offer their products to the public through websites, which not only reduces marketing and sales expenses, but also passes significant savings to the consumer.

Before the internet, the only choice a home-owner had to buy cabinet doors was from a retailer like Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards. These big-box stores didn’t actually make the doors they sell, they contracted with manufacturers and middlemen to supply the doors for them.

Also before the internet came into existence, the home-owner or small remodeler would be unlikely to even find a cabinet door manufacturer, so the possibility of buying direct from the manufacturer just didn’t exist.

The internet has broken through that barrier for remodelers, home-owners, and do-it-yourselfers, allowing small users the opportunity to buy direct. A quick Google search for “cabinet doors” returns several sources. The top returns are the big-box stores, Ikea, and Ebay, and other large retail outlets, but following those listings you will start to see some actual manufacturers. While several of the manufacturers sell only to the cabinet trade, some others will sell to the public.

CabinetDoors.Com, a division of The Door Stop is one of those manufacturers that make custom cabinet doors available to everyone.

The Door Stop was the first cabinet door manufacturer to offer cabinet doors and drawer fronts factory-direct on the internet (that’s why our internet division is was able to register the domain name

Our manufacturing efficiency and cost structure has not gone unnoticed by other internet entrepreneurs. Many internet websites offering cabinet doors are actually purchasing our products and simply re-selling them on their websites…with an additional markup as their profit.

The internet is still evolving but it’s impact as of today is clear. Customers now have access to manufactured goods without the requirement of buying those goods from the end-of-the-chain retail store. Like many manufacturers, The Door Stop is offering our products directly to the consumer.

Our internet division,, offers far more choices than any retail store can carry and at prices they just cannot march.

Machining Mitered Cabinet Doors

Mitered Cabinet Doors need exact machining to produce a tight and accurate joint and obtaining perfect miter joints is nearly impossible without computerized machinery.
We use Accu-Systems CNC Machining systems for all our mitering.

This video demonstrates the joining method we use at CabinetDoors.Com to produce every mitered cabinet door we make.
We have made a multi-million dollar investment in machinery for our Mitered Cabinet Doors, and this investment allows us to produce Mitered Cabinet Doors at a quality level unmatched in the industry.
Our Mitered Doors will have tight joints with perfect alignment of the stiles and rails.