Measuring Cabinet Openings

When measuring for new cabinet doors, the type of hinge you intend to use will influence the door sizes.

If you intend to use your existing hinges simply measure your existing cabinet doors and order doors of the same sizes.

If you intend to use our Blum Inserta, Clip-top hinges with 1/2-inch overlay, the door size measurements are figured as follows:
On single doors simply measure the opening size and add 1-inch to both the width and height. For instance, if the cabinet opening size is 12-inches wide and 24-inches high, the door size will be 13 x 25.
On wider cabinets with two doors, measure the width of the opening, add 1-inch, then divide by 2.
For instance, if the opening is 28 inches wide and 30 inches high, each door width would be 28 + 1 = 29 divided by 2 = 14 1/2-inches wide.
Height is figured the same as for single doors. Just add 1-inch to the opening.

Our Blum hinges have plus/minus 2 millimeters of adjustment which will allow side adjustment to have a gap of up to 1/8-inch between the butting doors.

Concealed Hinges

Inserta Blum Hinge

We can bore the hinge cups and supply the hinges too! will bore the hinge pockets (two per door) in your cabinet doors for $6.00 per door and supply top quality, American-made, Blum, Clip-top Inserta Hinges for $3.50 per hinge (or $7.00 per door).

So, for $13.00 per door,  your doors will be drilled and the hinges supplied too..

The Blum Hinges we supply are top quality, self closing, American made, Blum Inserta
Clip-Top, 120 degree, All-metal, nickel plated Hinges.
The Blum part number is 71T5590B. The hinges do not require screws and are simply placed in the hinge pockets and the locking clip is then closed.

Click here for PDF on the Blum Hinges

These hinges are now used by most high-end cabinet makers across the country.

The Blum Face-frame adapter we supply is Blum part number 175L6030.21, zinc die-cast, nickel plated, and does require #7 x 3/4″ wood screws (not supplied).
Adapter plate is for Face-frame cabinets with 1/2″ overlay.

Click here for PDF on Blum Mounting Plates

If you order Hinge Boring, your doors will have 35mm holes bored 3.5 inches from the bottom and top of the door.
If you wish, doors over 48″ tall may have three hinge cups bored, with the third hinge in the door center point (3 hinges are recommended for doors over 48″ in
The Blum Inserta Hinges are priced at $3.50 each ($7.00 per pair)
with the boring priced at $3.00 per cup ($6.00 per door).

The hinge boring and/or the hinge purchase options are selected from the drop-down menus on the door order page for each door style.
When selected the hinge boring charge and/or the hinge purchase charge will automatically add to the door ordered, and the itemized charge will show on your CabinetDoors.Com shopping cart.

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