Triple-head Widebelt Sanders


New Triple-head widebelt sanders

IMG_1013 Our old widebelt sanders are being sold to smaller cabinet door manufacturers around the country.

Every few years the manufacturers of sanding equipment make major improvements in the Widebelt Sanders. These new sanders are Triple-head, 43-inch wide unite with computer control of the wood removal and built-in dial indicators to allow for sanding-thickness tolerances of a few thousandths of an inch.
The Panel Sanding has a 43-inch helical-head knife planer to clean the glued-up panels followed by two additional sanding heads.
The sander used on the doors after assembly has three 43-inch heads and belts of 120, 150, and 180 grit. After doors are sanded in this machine they pass through another sander with vibrating belts that remove the cross-grain scratches left on the rails by the final head of the Timesavers Triple-head Sander.
This process produces a Cabinet Door that is truly “Stain Ready”.
These two new 43-inch, triple-head Timesavers sanders now bring The Door Stop’s line of sanders up to a total of seven widebelts.
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