Types Of Cabinet Doors & Cabinet Door Styles 2018

Types Of Cabinet Doors - Cabinet Door Style Names

If you are searching for “types of cabinet doors” or “cabinet door styles“, The Door Stop can help! Regardless of where you are choosing cabinet doors for, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or one of the other rooms in your home, the following will cover an overview on the various styles and types available.

Types Of Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors can be purchased having center panels which or recessed or raised, these are referred to as flat panels.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors that have a raised panel has a center panel will have a center panel which is raised differently the door itself, they can be purchased having contoured edges to give it a distinct appearance and style. These types of doors are generally used fir traditional door designs.

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Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

Cabinet panel doors that or flat or recessed will come with a center panel and it will be a little lower than the all the rest of the door design, and it will also consist of  a little higher outer edge which defines the style of that door. These types of doors will be found in the more modern designs.

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Overlay Cabinet Doors

There are two versions of the overlay cabinet doors, ‘full’ and ‘partial’.

Full Overlay Cabinet Doors

A full overlay door will cover the cabinet box’s front panel entirely.

Partial Overlay Cabinet Doors

A partial overlay door will cover only a section on the front of the cabinet box, having only a small section left to show, giving it more of a technical appearance.

Inset Cabinet Doors

Inset Panel Cabinet Doors

The inset cabinet doors are made to fit inside of the face frame openings of the cabinet, allowing a full view of the cabinet’s frame, giving it a more distinctive appearance and leaving room for other modifications if wanted.

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Beaded & Non-Beaded Styling

Bead Board Cabinet Doors

The inset cabinetry allows you to personalize using inserts that can be beaded or the plain non-beaded one’s. The inserts for the beaded one will fit into the door of the cabinetry itself, which provides it with a detailed edge that naturally evokes the appearance of fine craftsmanship.

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Cabinet Door Style Names

You can find many different styles of cabinet doors available in order to satisfy your home’s interior design. Below are just a few of the styles that are available:

Arch doors

Arch Cabinet Doors

This type of door will have a raised panel that has a half of an oval shaped curve located on the top portion.

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Bead-board doors

Bead Board Cabinet Doors

This type of door paneling has a decorative wood paneling which has vertical grooves.

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Cathedral doors

Cathedral Cabinet Doors

These kinds of doors will also have a recessed panel, plus a very simple design.

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Shaker doors

Shaker Cabinet Doors

These are going to have recessed panels that have a simple design.

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Slab doors

Slab Cabinet Door

This type of door has the flat panel and it will not be neither recessed nor raised.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass Cabinet Doors

This type of door uses a wood frame and glass as the center panel.

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