Glass Frame Cabinet Doors…How they are made, how to order, and how the frame is machined to allow glass to be easily installed

Dec 15th 2015

This video explains how glass frames are made as well as how to order them online and how the frame is machined to allow glass to be easily installed.

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This video will explain the difference between standard cabinet doors and Glass Ready cabinet doors.

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Following is the text of the video.

The inset videos show the methods of machining and joining both Traditional Cope & Stick Cabinet Doors and Mitered doors.

Both traditional and mitered doors are available in Glass-Ready options.

We’ll also show how the backs of the doors are modified to allow the home-owner to easily install the glass in Glass Frames.

Be sure to view the video shown at left on how to measure cabinet openings and calculate the correct door sizes for your project.

For this example we will use our most popular mitered cabinet door, which is the Delaware, in the Glass Frame option.

Let’s get started.

Clicking the Mitered Cabinet Doors Category will open a page showing the doors we make in the Mitered Door group.

The doors in that category are listed alphabetically.

Scrolling down we see the last door on page-1 is the Danish cabinet door, so we will click on Page-2 to advance in the alphabet and click the Delaware door.

Scroll down to display the various Delaware door options.

Clicking the Delaware Glass Ready Cabinet Door picture opens our product page showing that door style.

To the right of the Glass Ready door picture, notice the minimum size in width and height for this particular door.

Scrolling down the page we see the Order Block where different woods can be selected, quantities and sizes can be entered, and pricing is displayed. Your doors can be added to your Shopping Cart, and your order can be placed online, securely encrypted.

For this example, we’ll select Paint Grade for the wood type and we see the price of $10.94 per square foot for the Delaware Glass Frame in Paint-Grade. Other woods are priced differently.

After selecting Paint Grade we will enter the Width, Height, and Quantity.

The website accepts integers, decimals and fractions, which we’ll demonstrate now.

Door sizes can be entered right down to 1/16 inch and can be entered as either fractions or decimals.

For width we’ll enter 14.25 inches and a height of 14 and 1/4 inches, and for quantity we’ll use 5.

Now you see the price for that specific door size in the wood selected.

Just click Add to Cart and you see the cart contents.

The Cart will show your updated order and total cost to that point.

Continue entering door sizes until your order is complete then click checkout to review your order. If everything is correct click the checkout button again and follow the instructions to complete your order.

Your order will be manufactured within 10 working days and shipped directly to your home or business. Shipping time to your home can be determined from the map in the Left Column.

Additional low cost glass frames can be found at

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