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DIY Kitchen Trends for Your Home

You don’t need to build up a huge budget to transform your kitchen. You don’t even need to hire a contractor. That’s because there are lots of DIY kitchen projects that anyone can handle which leave your kitchen looking fresh, stylish, and new. If you want to make a big upgrade without breaking the bank, try out some of these DIY kitchen ideas:

DIY Kitchens - Project and Décor Ideas

Add Open Shelving

Open shelving makes kitchens look more open and airy. They also let you show off dishware or crockery, adding an interesting new design element to your kitchen. Hanging open shelving is fairly simple, but if you don’t have the wall space to spare, consider using glass cabinet doors instead. They have the same benefits as open shelves — expanding and enlivening spaces — but also they work with your existing cabinets and are even easier to hang.

Use More Color

The vast majority of kitchens are white, grey, or black with little if any color. DIY kitchens often incorporate bold colors because they make a strong statement and painting them is fairly easy. Your cabinet doors are a great place to start. Paint all of them, paint just the upper or lower cabinets, or pick your own design. Adding more color to your cabinet doors changes the door itself, but it has an effect that carries through the entire room.

Go Sleek

If your current kitchen already has enough color or perhaps a lot of wood grain, you may want to go in the opposite direction and paint all your cabinet doors white or another neutral color. When it comes to DIY kitchen décor, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors because they match basically everything, from dishes to appliances. Focusing on the cabinet doors is also a great way to achieve a sleek-looking kitchen without making expensive changes to appliances or countertops.

Pick New Hardware

No DIY kitchen makeover is complete without considering new hardware like door handles and drawer pulls. It seems like a minor thing, but the door hardware contributes a lot to the overall kitchen aesthetic. If you plan to refinish or replace your cabinet doors, definitely consider new hardware as well. There are literally thousands of options to choose from if you are someone who likes variety.

Replace Cabinet Doors

You can do a lot to revitalize a door, but at a certain point replacement is the only option left. If your doors are worn out or you have grown tired of the style, consider replacing them with custom-built cabinet doors. They cost a fraction of what new cabinets cost, and hanging them is one of those DIY kitchen ideas anyone can pull off. Best of all, once the doors are hung up most people will think you got entirely new cabinets or even renovated your whole kitchen. You could also try staining or painting the doors yourself.

Install a New Backsplash

You don’t need to be a tile expert to install a new backsplash. In fact, many of the backsplash products on the market are designed for easy installation. Transforming the area between your cabinets and countertops gives you a lot of design potential to work with, and no matter what you choose, the entire space will look elevated.

Create More Light

The best DIY kitchens have enough light in all the right places. You probably don’t want to add a window or rewire the kitchen, but they are plenty of other ways to brighten up the space. Stick battery-powered LED lights under the upper cabinets to shine more light on the countertops while you’re preparing food. Put a standing lamp in an unused corner to make the space feel more warm and inviting. You could even put more lighting on top of the upper cabinets to help draw the eye upwards and make the space feel bigger.

What is the Appeal of DIY Kitchens?

That depends on who you ask. Some people love saving money, others like to work on their homes, and many are drawn to DIY for the chance to do something creative. In all cases, completing a project on your own is incredibly satisfying. If you want to skip having to deal with contractors and designers, tackle your own DIY kitchen projects. You might be surprised by how professional-looking your kitchen turns out.

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