Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Online and Made in America


Refacing your kitchen cabinets with new Cabinet Doors that are Made in America is easier than ever before.

While there are several websites selling kitchen cabinet doors, very few of those websites actually make the doors they sell. The secret to their web business is that they know who the manufacturers are and have set up drop-shipping agreements with them. They take your order on their website and foreword it to the manufacturer, who fills the order and ships it directly to the buyer. The website owner is the ultimate middleman. He simply adds his profit to the manufacturers and emails your order to the manufacturer.

If the end user could find out who the actual manufacturer was, his costs could be cut by over 30%.

Well, the internet allows end users to place their own orders factory-direct, cut out the middleman's profit, receive American Made Quality, and save 30% under the big-box retail store price.

When you are ready to compare prices and quality on replacement kitchen cabinet doors, visit the big-box retailer then visit Now you can actually see the middleman and retail markup and you can actually keep those markups yourself. is the web sales division of Western Cabinet Doors. A company 35+ years manufacturing cabinet doors and an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.