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We email folks that order from CabinetDoors.Com, and ask about their buying experience. Here are the questions we ask and our customer's responses. Read real reviews about our cabinet doors below.

Here are the questions we send to each and every one of our door customers.

I am just writing to follow up on the cabinet door order you placed with us. I hope everything turned out well. If you have a second can you please answer a few questions?

  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. How was the sanding on your order? We have spent a significant amount of money on upgrading our finish sanding equipment and your feedback, good or bad, is very helpful.
  3. Was the ordering process easy for you?
  4. If you spoke with a customer service representative, were they helpful and courteous?
  5. Is there any other comments or concerns you might have at this time?

We would also love to see the finished project. Feel free to send us pictures, and with your permission, we would like to showcase them on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Bill K's Review

Nov 09, 2017

To answer your questions...

  1. I basically found your company on line searching with Google.  Your cite offered the widest selection of options as well as self videos on measuring and using        the new Blum hinges. Since I am a do it yourself guy, these were instrumental in the decision to using your company. 
  2. The quality of the doors and smoothness was more than expected.  Since I bought these to paint, I assumed I would have to do some finish sanding... Much to my surprise, they were perfect.
  3. The measuring process was a bit of a struggle, but your people in customer service helped me through the process knowing how important exact - measurements were critical.
  4. As I mentioned above, your folks were professional and very customer-centric.  They gave me the confidence to order and get exactly what I needed. Secondly, the communication on the order, receipt of the check and shipping information kept me notified of every step along the way.
  5. Lastly, I will happily recommend "The Door Stop" to any of my friends who may be in need of your services. 

Attached is a picture of my completed project using doors from  "The Door Stop"


They were the crowning touch that finished this lengthy process.  We had water damage from a rain and wind storm that damaged this wall unit in our basement.  A basement that I  built about 15 years ago.  At the time these were stained.  The water damage warped the doors and messed up the finish on the rest of the unit. 


So we decided to paint everything white, which also included the bar, also pictured.

"Thank you again...." Bill K


Kim G's Review

Oct 27, 2017

  1. The cabinets doors are absolutely beautiful !! Your investment will surely pay upgrading your equipment because those doors were sanded to perfection. I was so happy to open the box and take out such gorgeous cabinets and be so thrilled with them.
  2. The hinges are very easy to put on and I love how the doors close slowly and not bang when closing the door. The gentleman that is remodeling our kitchen was also very impressed with the quality of the cabinets and how well they were sanded and asked for the name of the company and where I got them from and of corse I gave him your website and phone number.
  3. I found your company on line I just googled " Unfinished kitchen Cabinets " and many websites popped up Your website was by far the best , Easy and understandable , video showing the process of making the cabinets and how the hinges worked and how to put them on. The ordering process was easy and simple in fact I do not think you could have made any similar. Your entire company is a class act.
  4. I will be ordering many more cabinets . The gentleman who is remodeling our kitchen is really taking his sweet old time. Very frustrating !!
  5. Absolutely I will send you a picture of the finished project.

"Thank You" Kim G

Matt C's Review

Oct 04, 2017

Below, please find my review of your products. Overall I was very pleased. I would recommend your company to anyone and will.

This project was for a beach house bathroom. We found your company so good to work with we will redo the kitchen, The cabinets in my home, and the cabinets in my sister-in-law home, in the years to come.

  1. I found your company after receiving a $3000 quote, (Final cost from you under $700) and figured I could find someone to do it better and cheaper. I search the Internet, you were the 4-5 Company I called. Other companies wanted to deal with Internet quotes or contractors, when I called your company I spoke directly to a person. That personal conversation is how you got my business. I spoke with Jordan, she secured my order with your company.
  2. I found the sanding to be exceptional. My family and I are woodworkers. We have extensive equipment. I considered making the cabinets on our own. But I don't know if the relationships between my father and me could've survived that. When they arrived, the Doors and drawers were " Inspected vigorously, and impressed completely."
  3. I called to place my order with only some measurements on a piece of paper. I no longer had access to the cabinet. Jordan walked me through everything I needed to know.
  4. Jordan was a tremendous help. After being disappointed with so many other companies; I initially was rather gruff. She was nothing but pleasant.
    She explained to me what kind of hinges I need to order and the terminology of the overlay. I bugged her with a few more phone calls, at each turn she said "not to worry it wasn't an issue".
  5. Final thought:

Several photos to follow, second batch of photos was taken with a magnetic fisheye lens about $12 on Amazon.

You should have an advice page from customers, for painting and hanging The doors and drawers. (if it comes from past customers, understood not professionals, you have not extended yourself legally)
Painting and hanging tips:

  • Spend the money on professional spray painting equipment to achieve the professional look.
  • Watch YouTube videos of professionals and learn their techniques and hand motions.
  • Nats love fresh paint!
  • be patient, multiple layers and lots of cleanup but well worth it.

Thanks again. As I mentioned, I will be contacting you when I redo my kitchen, kitchen at the beach, my sister-in-law's home, and anyone else I can convince. Please note the before pictures were not taken with the purpose of remodeling sorry.

"Thanks!" - Matt C.

Doreen S's Review

Sep 14, 2017

I knew from the moment I opened the box that I was going to be pleased with the cabinet doors. The care that was taken in packing them hinted that I was in for seeing some quality work, and I was not disappointed. The sanding was incredible, they were so smooth - I've never been able to achieve this level of sanding and the quality of workmanship was flawless. I'm completely sold on the Blum hinges and don't want to ever work with anything else, they were so easy to install.

I am a homeowner and I enjoy DIY projects. I purchased these cabinet doors for a bathroom remodel. Our home was built in 1921, but the bathrooms had been remodeled in the 80's to match the style of the 80's. The cabinets are all custom oak, but I hated they style. I couldn't see ripping them out, the quality was just too good, so I decided to try making them look like some old oak furniture. I pulled off the old doors, stained the cabinet box, stained the new doors and added some mission style hinges. I'd be happy to share some photos with you when the project is complete.

I found The Door Stop through an internet search, so many of the sites seemed alike it was hard to figure out who to chose. Ultimately, what made me choose the Door Stop was Brady's video and the clarity it offered. The ordering was easy and I thought the price was reasonable. I spent $350 on 5 cabinet doors. (A local company that comes in and does cabinet refacing had quoted me over $2000 for the project). I've already been bragging about you guys to anyone who will listen. I love the work you do. I've got another bathroom and a kitchen to tackle. I look forward to working with you on those projects as well.

"Best" - Doreen Sifferman

Even J's Review

September 08, 2017

I was actually planning on sending you an email already. I am so incredibly pleased with the craftsmanship of the doors you sent me. Your prices were lower than anything I could find for this job and I was a little concerned. However, you over delivered in every aspect and

I have included a picture to show you of the finished project minus paint.

The picture is the four doors you made which I tried to match with an existing four doors. The sanding job is amazing and our painters said that no labor is needed on them.

"Well done and I am very happy with the product. I wish your business all the best." - Even Jones

Patrick's Review

Aug 10, 2017

  1. The sanding on my order was great. I did a quick wipe down of each door/drawer when I was removing them from the box and prior to priming them. The primer took very well and only required a light sanding between coats, which saved me a good amount of time and made me very happy!
  2. The ordering process was very easy for me once I had triple checked all my measurements. The videos on your website were very helpful and I probably watched them half a dozen times.
  3. I did speak with a customer service representative; they were very helpful as well as courteous.
  4. Overall I was extremely satisfied with the entire process from the initial ordering to the final product. My wife and I couldn't be happier with how our kitchen renovation turned out! I have attached a few photos of the finished product for your use if you'd like.

"Thanks again" Patrick

Brad G's Review

Aug 3, 2017

  1. A Google search
  2. Outstanding. No additional sanding needed. I just prime, paint and install. Could not be any easier.
  3. Yes, your website is easy to use, and I am an old guy, using an android phone.
  4. Yes a few times. They were helpful and caught the fact that I ordered doors when I really needed drawers.
  5. Keep up the good work. Don't grow so big that your quality suffers. That kills a lot of business's.

"I'll be ordering more in the future." - Brad G

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