Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Cabinet Drawer Fronts


If you are searching Replacement Drawer Fronts or Cabinet Drawer Fronts, can help!

Drawer Fronts

The Drawer Fronts we fabricate or made from the highest quality raw materials available and created using our highly precise modernized computer controlled machinery. Customers ordering from The Door Stop can order with confidence that the drawer fronts we create will be of the highest quality and color matched to your cabinet doors. The drawer fronts you order are made to order and will be precisely the size you order.

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5 Piece Drawer Fronts

The highest quality, most reliable, and longest lasting drawer fronts are construction in 5 sections. While many consumers would imagine that solid slab drawer fronts would be superior, they do not allow for the natural characteristic of wood to expand and contract depending on humidity. There are two options for 5 piece drawer fronts, cope and stick and mitered.

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5 Piece Cope & Stick Drawer Fronts

We fabricate the highest quality 5 Piece Cope & Stick Drawer Fronts on the market with uncompromised precision. 5 piece cope and stick drawer fronts are more durable and visually attractive. The cope and stick construction is comprised of 5 sections, 4 side sections and a panel in the center. Cope and stick is one of the highest quality joint designs as it compensates for variations in humidity. All wood expands and contracts with humidity but cope and stick construction compensates for these variations and stays true.

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5 Piece Mitered Drawer Fronts

Mitered drawer fronts are another option for consumers which are superior to butt joint drawer fronts. It is better looking and stronger than butt joints as it conceals the end of the grain. This makes for a cleaner look and when constructed to our standards an even and flush corner.

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Slab Drawer Fronts

Slab drawer fronts are made from one solid piece of wood. Wood strips are added to the back of slab drawer fronts to help limit expansion related to variations in humidity. The slab is detailed with design features to create visual interest and better functionality. Slab drawer fronts are also created with routing which offers homeowners easy access to their drawers without the need of pulls or handles.

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If you are looking for the highest quality drawer fronts with straight from the manufacturer pricing is your source for exceptional quality, quick turn around, and the best pricing around. We have been supplying hardware chains, home builders, and custom cabinetry companies for nearly 40 years. We are the best option as we ship straight to you without the middle man inflating the prices.  Send us the dimensions you need, the quantity and the species of wood you want your drawer fronts or cabinet doors made in and we will get the order done with precision, speed, and get it shipped straight to your job site or shop. 

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