Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker Cabinets - Popular for Over a Century

Shaker style cabinets first became popular in the mid-19th-century, and they have never fallen out of style since. The clean, simple design of shaker kitchen cabinets looks timeless and complements almost any space, which is why people have come back to this style over and over again for decades. If you’re looking for new or replacement cabinet doors that perfectly suit a space while subtly elevating the aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with shaker cabinets.

What Are Shaker Style Cabinets?

Even if you can’t picture what shaker style cabinet doors look like, you have almost certainly seen them before. As one of the most popular cabinet styles of all time, shaker cabinets feature prominently in kitchens across the country. Some of the hallmarks of the design include recessed center panels, light finishes, simple hardware, and minimal embellishments. The Shakers, the religious order that created this style, were known more for exceptional craftsmanship than gorgeous designs. Today’s shaker cabinet doors maintain that commitment to craftsmanship, and the original look helped spark the trend of minimal design that’s more popular than ever today.

Choosing Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Think of shaker cabinets kind of like a blank canvas. The straightforward design fits in anywhere while also creating the foundation for a design of your own. For instance, shaker kitchen cabinets don’t have to rely on a light finish and simple hardware - you could paint shaker doors with bright, bold colors and install ornamental hardware if you wanted. You could also go in the opposite direction and keep the doors as basic as possible. The point is, shaker cabinet doors offer a full spectrum of design possibilities. Don’t think of this style as minimal, classic, rustic, or basic. Ultimately, the shaker style has remained so popular for so long for one reason: versatility. No matter what look you want to achieve, shaker doors add something important.

Below are examples of a Paint-Grade Shaker, a Paint-Grade Shaker finished with Sherwin-Williams High-Reflective White, and an Oak Shaker stained with MinWax Golden Oak.

  • Paint Grade Shaker


    The frame is Poplar or Maple, and the panel is Medium Density Fiberboard. The Paint-Grade Shaker is $12.72/SqFt.
  • Shaker Painted White


    Painted with Sherwin-Williams High-Reflective White Conversion Varnish. This painted Shaker is $32.75/sqft.
  • Shaker Stained Golden Oak


    Color-Selected Oak, finished with Minwax Golden Oak stain and Clear Conversion Varnish. The unfinished price is $13.75/sqft.

Shaker Style Replacement Doors

You don’t need to renovate your whole kitchen to introduce shaker cabinets. In fact, you don’t even need to replace your cabinets as long as the underlying structure is sturdy. Shaker style replacement doors are cut to the exact same size as your current doors before being shipped directly to your location. Then you simply remove the old doors and hang the replacement doors and suddenly your kitchen looks completely different: new and fresh. Maybe you want to replace older shaker doors that have worn out or maybe you want to bring the shaker style into your kitchen for the first time. Either way, ordering  custom-built replacement shaker doors makes it easy and affordable to bring a timeless style into the most important room in your home (or anywhere else you have cabinet doors).

Ordering Replacement Doors

If you’ve decided on Shaker cabinet doors, the hardest part of replacing your cabinet doors is already over. Now you simply need to make a few more decisions, place your order, and expect your doors to ship in about 10 business days!

  • Size - Figure out what the measurements will be for the new doors.
  • Wood Species - Shaker style cabinet doors come in a variety of hardwood species options - oak, alder, maple etc. If you plan to seal or stain the doors rather than paint them, pick a wood species with a grain pattern and tone you want to highlight.
  • Finish Options - All replacement doors come fully-sanded and ready to paint or stain. You can also elect to have the doors painted for you in one of 5 classic colors, and choose to have hinge pockets bored for easier installation.

CabinetDoors.Com - Your Online Source of Shaker Cabinet Doors

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