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Cabinet doors online – How to save 50% on new cabinet doors

Buying Cabinet Doors online offers the largest selection and, by far, the lowest price for replacement cabinet doors.

Hi, my name’s Brady and in this video I’ll show you how to buy new cabinet doors directly from the manufacturer at prices less than half the retail price.

To understand how saving half on new cabinet doors is possible, we only need to look at the costs retail stores have.

While retail stores buy from the actual factory, there are significant costs associated with operating the retail outlets.

All of these extra costs, like store rent, sales staff salaries, insurance, upkeep, management costs, taxes, and profit increase the price the retail store charges.

And, all of these added costs are paid by the retail buyer, and that’s you.

But the internet has given you another choice.

The internet has made finding the actual cabinet door manufacturer possible, and the manufacturer doesn’t make you pay any of the costs added by the retail store.

When you buy from you are buying the same cabinet door you would get from the retail store.

The only difference will be the price. All the extra costs added by the retail store won’t be added anymore.

You’ll pay half the retail price.

Let me show you how this process works.

The retail price for an unfinished Shaker Cabinet Door from the big-box hardware stores is between $22 and $30 per square foot.

Keep that price in mind as you follow the steps in ordering this exact same Shaker Door from CabinetDoors.Com.

We’ll start by clicking the “Most Popular Doors” link.

Then we’ll scroll down and click the picture of the Shaker Cabinet Door.

Now we’ll open the wood-type drop-down menu and select paint grade.

We’ll enter a quantity of one and a width and height of 12 inches.

This will show us the price of a one square foot Shaker door in paint grade.

Now, remember the big-box price of $22 and $30?

The arrow is pointing at our price for the exact same door.

The difference in price between the factory and the retail store is the retail mark-up.

And, you can now choose whether you want to pay that difference, or not.

The internet is changing the way we shop, and it can save you a ton of money on new kitchen cabinet doors.

Western Cabinet Doors, Incorporated is a major manufacturer of custom cabinet doors.

We supply cabinet doors to several retail chains, hundreds of new home builders, and thousands of custom cabinet shops nation-wide.

Western Cabinet Doors also sells these same cabinet doors directly to homeowners through our website, CabinetDoors.Com.

So, now that you’ve found us, the choice is yours.

Continue to buy retail, or buy directly from the manufacturer and save 50%.