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Kitchen Cabinet Doors 2019

If you need new "Kitchen Cabinet Doors" Cabinetdoors.com can help! Cabinetdoors.com has the best styles of cabinet doors for your kitchen, the best prices, and ships directly to your home, shop, or building site.  We are proud to be the first cabinet door manufacturer to offer direct web ordering from the actual factory. Buying your kitchen cabinet doors from us means cutting out the middle man and saves 40-to-50% off the hardware chain prices.


Where To Buy Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

You can buy kitchen cabinet doors right here at Cabinetdoors.com. We offer wholesale pricing on all of our replacement cabinet doors and beat the competitions price every time. We maintain a A+ rating with the BBB, all of our online card purchases are 100% secure and encrypted through Authorize.net (the largest web credit card processor in the world). You simply select the door style, and sizes you will need, select the wood type, fill in the quantity, width, and height, and continue until your shopping cart is complete. When you complete your order our website will check each door for possible ordering errors like violations of the minimum and maximum sizes for your door style, height and width reversals, and wood mismatches. We will contact you if we have any questions.

Why Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Did you know the average cost of a kitchen remodel is over $20,000? It’s incredibly expensive to replace cabinets, appliances, and counter-tops, not to mention all the time it takes to completely redo the space.
Replacement kitchen cabinet doors upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen in a fraction of the time at an affordable cost. Instead of replacing the entire cabinet, you just replace the most visible part. In the process, your kitchen transforms from outdated to outstanding.
Another reason this project is so easy and affordable is because you can do all or most of the work on your own. If you’re a DIY enthusiast or even a home-improvement novice you will have no problem removing the old doors and installing the new ones. And since you don’t need a contractor or specialized equipment, you keep your project costs incredibly low.

 What Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles are Available?

We have hundreds of different styles available. Our goal is to make it simple to find stylish doors built from high-quality materials at affordable prices. As you explore our inventory, keep these style considerations in mind:
  • Panel – Most kitchen cabinet doors for sale have a panel in the middle that provides decorative detail to the surface. This sections can be simple or ornate, flat or rounded. The panel gives a lot of character to the door, and to the kitchen as a whole, so consider all the options we offer.
  • Size – Your new doors should be the exact same size as the ones you are replacing. One advantage of working with a custom cabinet door fabricator is that every door is made to order. That means you can measure your existing doors, then order replacements with the same specifications.
  • Unfinished – Our cabinet doors can be ordered unfinished, meaning they come fully-sanded and ready for you to paint or stain yourself. You can also order them prefinished, which means they come already finished or painted and are ready for you to hang. Unfinished cabinets give you more finish options (literally anything you can imagine), but prefinished doors are the easiest to work with.
  • Finished – Our cabinet doors come fully sanded and ready for you to paint or stain. The paint-grade option allows you to paint the doors the color you want. Unfinished doors ordered in a specific wood species allow you to stain them in the color you want. You can also order our doors prefinished which means they come already finished or painted and are ready for you to install. Keep in mind that when you order our doors prefinished that the finish option are limited, but the doors are ready to be installed.

When to Install New Cabinet Doors?

You can replace your doors whenever you want to, but when do you actually need to? If you have reached these milestones, it’s probably time to think about replacements:
  • After a Decade – The lifespan of a kitchen is about 10-15 years. Beyond that they start to look dated and show visible signs of wear and tear. If your kitchen is older than a decade, replacement kitchen cabinet doors can dramatically update the space.
  • When Kids are Around – Kids are tough on cabinet doors. All the banging combined with all the messes can leave doors looking weathered and performing poorly. Instead of replacing the whole cabinet, restore it to like-new by just replacing the doors.
  • If You’re Eager to Improve – Every homeowner wants to improve their environment without making a huge investment. Hanging up new kitchen cabinet doors is ideal for someone who wants to make a big impact without taking on a big project.

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors For Sale

Save 30 - 50% by buying kitchen cabinet doors for sale from the Cabinetdoors.com. We have over 300 cabinet door styles to choose from. We are excited to be a part of your kitchen remodeling project and will help you with your kitchen cabinet door selection and ordering process in any way we can! Our staff of experienced professionals can help you if you have any questions or if need some guidance in placing your order. Simply send us an email or give us a call so we can make it easy and quick to measure, order, and install your new kitchen cabinet doors!

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Order custom kitchen cabinet doors by selecting your own wood type, including: Paint Grade, Alder Select, Alder Knotty, Cherry Select, Hickory Calico, Hickory Knotty, Maple Select, Maple Knotty, Oak Select or Oak Knotty. You can also choose your finishing options, including: Unfinished or Finished Kitchen Cabinet doors clear catalyzed lacquer. You can also choose to purchase Blum hinges and have us drill for them. Choose you own custom width and height for your doors as well. Learn what size to order here. Browse our selection of kitchen cabinet doors and choose the style you love most, and place your order with Cabinetdoors.com.  We will complete your order in 10 -12 business days and ship it straight to the address you provide.  We ship anywhere in the United States.  We sell unfinished kitchen cabinet doors that you can stain yourself but also offer painted cabinet doors or paint grade cabinet doors for your convenience.   (Samples shown were finished for display purposes.)

How to replace your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

  • Step 1. - Find the kitchen cabinet door style you love most.
  • Step 2. - Choose the wood type that fits your needs, budget, and preferences.
  • Step 3. - Place your kitchen cabinet door order by listing the sizes you need and quantities.
  • Step 4. - Enjoy owning the highest quality, best looking cabinet doors at the lowest prices anywhere.

Kitchen cabinet door ordering resources:

We offer guides to help you measure before placing your order and on how to paint or stain your kitchen cabinet doors once they arrive at your home. This makes it easy for your average homeowner to buy cabinet doors at wholesale prices and reface their kitchen with new kitchen cabinet doors for much less than hiring a cabinetry company.

Guide to measuring cabinet doors

Tips on prep and painting new cabinet doors

Guide to painting cabinet doors

Guide to staining cabinet doors

How Much Are Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Our kitchen cabinet door costs start at under $15 per sq. ft. Cost for different door styles depend on the wood type and door style selected. Because we are the actual manufacturer, our kitchen cabinet doors cost much less than our competition. Check these links to compare prices with Lowes, Ikea, and Home Depot. LowesIKEA, and Home Depot.

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