Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates That Will Look Expensive

Here’s a secret that contractors and interior decorators don’t want you to know: you don’t have to spend a lot of money on kitchen updates to look like you spent a lot. In fact, you can spend very little while upgrading the most important elements in the kitchen in ways that look truly impressive — and look very expensive. If you want to make a big impact on a small budget, follow these four tips from our experts.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Modern

1. Replace the Cabinet Doors

Your kitchen cabinet doors can either be the best feature of your kitchen or the worst. Fortunately, if the doors you have are worn out, dated, or simply a style you no longer like, replacing them is relatively easy. Better yet, you only have to replace the doors and not the cabinets underneath, which keeps this project low cost and even DIY if that is your style. You can even replace what you have with something similar, which helps to take years off your kitchen. Or you can go with something totally different and transform the entire space — while changing just one element of it.

2. Replace the Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware seems small and unassuming. But since it’s a feature of every single door and drawer front in the kitchen, it has a big impact on the overall design. Like the doors and all other aspects of the kitchen, styles come and go and materials wear out over time. As a result, your current hardware could be compromising your kitchen design more than you realize. You have thousands of replacement options to choose from, many at budget-friendly price points. You can also easily replace the hardware of your kitchen cabinet doors yourself and save yourself the cost of a contractor. It’s one of the easiest kitchen upgrades available. But in the case you do need to find a contractor, you should make sure you partner with a contractor you can trust

3. Rework the Lighting Scheme

Maybe your kitchen looks better than you realize. Maybe the real problem is that everything is cast in the wrong light. Many kitchens are darker than they should be, or all the light is concentrated in the wrong places. If this is the case in your kitchen, identify all the light sources and then adjust any that you’re able to. Observe what kind of effect that has, then look for where you need to add more light. This could be under the cabinets, over the cabinets, in a dark corner, or right in the center of the space. Home-improvement stores carry many low-cost, easy-to-use options. But even if you need to hire an electrician, the cost is small compared to how much the space improves. If you’ve been struggling with the question, “how can I make my kitchen look better?” — the answer might simply be to make it look brighter.

4. Refinish the Kitchen Floor

Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home, which means the kitchen floor gets a lot of traffic — not to mention all the food and water that is spilled on it. Floors start to show their age after years of abuse, and they tend to age everything around them as a result. If you have hardwood floors, you may be able to refinish them instead of replacing them, which isn’t cheap but also isn’t extremely expensive either. If you do want or need to replace the kitchen floor, then vinyl and melamine options offer a lot of style and plenty of durability for a modest cost.

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