Arched Cabinet Doors

Choosing cabinets with arched doors can lend traditional elegance to any room in a home or business. Arched cabinet doors offer a classic style and feel, allowing you to integrate a timeless design element to your room with your cabinetry. Many people choose to install an arched cabinet style on their upper cabinets, and a matching square door on the bottom. An arched cabinet door can also vary quite a bit in style and design, with each type of arch offering a different stylistic feel. Cabinet doors with a high arch are often referred to as cathedral style doors. Other arches include a lower style arch and a simple eyebrow arch. Additionally, cabinets with arched doors can be made as full wood doors with recessed or raised panels, or as glass ready doors to give a lighter, airier feel to a room. No matter what kind of arched cabinet doors you want for your room, we have plenty of style options for you to choose from so you can make the right choice for you and your space.

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