Mitered Woodworking Joint: Cabinet Door Construction

A mitered joint is a popular woodworking joint with two beveled surfaces. The two pieces of wood are joined with a joint fabrication method and are cut to create a 45-degree angle. When the two joints join together, they make a corner less than or greater than 90 degrees. 

Mitered joints have a similar construction as mortise and tenon joints or cope and stick cabinet doors. They are commonly used to make cabinets, glass frames, windows, and other woodwork items. Unlike other joints and fabrications, mitered joints rely on glue and superior craftsmanship. Which means it's not always as durable or sturdy as a mortise and tenon joint. 

Mitered joints have a seamless appeal and are ideal for matching grain patterns. The angle creates a continuous line, providing corner-to-corner continuity. This makes it a top choice for modern or contemporary kitchens where a consistent look is necessary to maintain a high-end, modern feel. 

Cabinets with mitered joints have an elegant and graceful appearance. At, we offer a variety of cabinet doors with a mitered joint. 

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