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Differences of Cabinet Knobs or Pulls

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs or Pulls - Which to Use?

Is it better or use knobs or pulls on cabinets? Most people don’t ever ask this question until they get replacement cabinet doors or decide to install new cabinet hardware. Then, when they do ask it, the debate between knobs vs pulls turns out to be more complicated than anyone ever expected. If you’re in the middle of this debate and feeling confused about what to choose, keep reading.

Why Does Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Matter?

For two reasons. First, knobs or pulls on cabinets play a big role in the overall kitchen aesthetic. Their color, size, and shape has an impact on the mood of the entire room while serving as either a complement or contrast to other elements like doors, countertops, and appliances. Second, you use knobs or pulls all the time, oftentimes multiple times a day. You want to pick an option that feels comfortable and works well, otherwise using your kitchen is going to get annoying. For both reasons, you will want to consider many different types of hardware and select carefully.

Rules for Using Kitchen Cabinet Knobs or Pulls

There are not any strict rules for when and where you should use a knob or use a pull. With that being said, there are some design considerations to keep in mind that can help you choose which kind of hardware to use and where:

  • Be Consistent - You can use knobs for doors and pulls for drawers or vice versa, but be consistent with whatever you choose. Using pulls on some doors and knobs on others makes your kitchen design look uncoordinated.

  • Mimic the Design - Some styles of cabinet doors and drawers feature straight lines while other styles incorporate curves and rounded edges. Consider matching your hardware to the style, meaning that if you have straight-lined doors you use straight-lined hardware as well.

  • Match the Finish - The knobs or pulls on cabinets should coordinate with some of the other accent elements in the kitchen, including the kitchen faucet, appliances, and lighting fixtures. The hardware doesn’t necessarily have to be the same style as these other elements, but don’t make a final selection without considering the whole design first.

  • Consider Cost - When it comes to knobs or pulls, the best choice is whatever fits into your budget. Individual pieces may not seem expensive, but when you add up all the hardware in the whole kitchen then the total cost can be higher than expected. The good news is that you can find attractive hardware in a wide variety of styles that are priced for affordability.

  • Do Not Forget Function - When you’re debating between knobs vs pulls, don’t forget another important piece of hardware — hinges. Cabinet doors should be stylish and functional, and the latter depends on the quality of the hinges. Many designers, contractors, and homeowners choose to go with soft-close hinges that prevent doors from slamming shut. They make the kitchen feel a lot more peaceful while giving it a certain upscale appeal.

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