Finding Replacement Cabinet Doors


If you're searching for Replacement Cabinet Doors, The Door Stop can help! The Door Stop offers over 300 styles of high quality cabinet door replacements at wholesale pricing. Buy your replacement kitchen & bathroom cabinet doors directly from the manufacturer to get the best pricing and save 30-50% off of retail pricing.

Browse our most popular products, choose doors you'll love for your kitchen or bathroom, and provide us with your custom measurements and quantities. We offer quick turnaround for order fulfillment, only fabricate from the highest quality sustainable woods and are committed to the highest quality of customer service.


Most Popular Replacement Cabinet Doors For Sale

948.jpg  Shaker Cabinet Doors        917.jpg  Delaware Cabinet Doors   918.jpg El Dorado Cabinet Doors 


919.jpg  Executive Cabinet Doors    920.jpg  Fiesta Cabinet Doors        926.jpg  Islander Cabinet Doors 


924.jpg  Heritage Cabinet Doors     930.jpg  Malibu Cabinet Doors        938.jpg  Patriot Cabinet Doors 


How to choose between Replacement Cabinet Doors

While the big-box retailer may offer a dozen different cabinet door styles, the web manufacturer will be offering hundreds of styles. This gives the homeowner, contractor, or interior designer complete control over the style of the new cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms. Big box stores and small manufacturers will only have a couple dozen styles, while our site offers over 300 styles. The best way to choose between replacement kitchen cabinet doors is to consider the style of the rest of the kitchen and home. If you have a certain type of style or architecture you will want to match your new replacement cabinet doors to those style cues. You might also be remodeling your entire kitchen and can start the style decision with your cabinet doors, as they are a major part of what makes up the style of your cabinetry. The best way to choose between replacement cabinet doors is to browse styles and imagine how they'd add visual appeal and style to your home. 

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Why you have more choices online

Replacement cabinet doors can be purchased anywhere from small garage cabinet shops and from big box stores like Home Depot, but the large cabinet door manufacturers didn't offer their products to home-owners. Until now.
Today some large manufacturers of cabinet doors have started offering their doors direct to the public through websites. The reason for not offering to sell direct to the consumer in the past was cost. It was less costly to sell only in large volume and direct to builders and cabinet shops than to the end user. The internet has changed the way some large manufacturers of cabinet doors operate. A well designed website doesn't require a team of order-takers to answer phone calls. A well designed website will show the web consumer a much larger selection than any retail big-box store can stock and display, and the also at a much lower price.  Quality is always a concern when investing in your home. 

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How you get better prices from online cabinet door sellers

Next comes the question of price. The retail store will order the cabinet doors from the manufacturer. Then he adds his costs for delivery, store space, salesman salary, and profit. The manufacturer only needs to cover his increased costs for operating on the internet and for the smaller average order size. The manufacturers motivation is that maintaining a website is far less expensive than maintaining a huge retail store and employing a few computer programmers is less expensive than a large sales staff 16 hours per day. Once setup and operating the website continues to operate with very little added cost to the manufacturer. Because of these cost savings the web manufacturer is able to offer a much greater selection, at a lower retail price, and with a shorted delivery time.  

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Benefits of Having Replacement Cabinet Doors

Think of all the rooms in your home that have cabinets in them — kitchen, bathroom, office, rec room, mud room etc. After years of being opened, closed, touched, and cleaned, those doors can start to look very worn out, or at least out of style. However, behind that expired door is a cabinet that might still be perfectly sturdy and functional. There are lots of compelling reasons to use replacement kitchen cabinet doors instead of entirely new cabinets:

  • Cost - Replacing only the cabinet doors costs much less than replacing kitchen cabinets entirely. With something like replacement bathroom cabinet doors, it doesn’t have to take a big budget to make a big impact.
  • Commitment - Renovating a whole room can take weeks and cause a huge mess, but replacing just the cabinet doors is quick and causes hardly any disruption to your home. If you will have guests in your house sometime soon, you probably still have time to make a major home upgrade in the form of replacement doors.
  • Complexity - If you like DIY projects but aren’t up for renovating your whole kitchen yourself, replacing your doors is both fun and manageable. The fact that it’s so easy also helps keep the costs down because you don’t have to hire a contractor.
  • Consequence - Despite being accessible and affordable, replacement cabinet doors can transform an entire space, not just the cabinets. If you have a room that feels unpleasant or outdated, cabinet doors with a different finish and style may be all it needs.

Why choose

There is a reason we are considered the internet's leading source for replacement cabinet doors by designers, contractors, and homeowners across the country. We offer what others can’t or won’t:

  • We custom build each cabinet door and sell direct to you, the customer. Since there are no middlemen, our prices are routinely lower than big box stores. And since we use economies of scale, we are more affordable than most local cabinet door producers too.
  • Our replacement kitchen cabinet doors are made from high-quality woods and built on 21st-century woodworking equipment. Every door displays the highest commitment to quality.
  • We can produce most orders within 10 days (slightly longer if you have us paint them for you). Expect your order to arrive at your front door about 2 weeks after you place it.
  • After almost 40 years in business, we have learned how to produce a superior product and how to deliver superior service. That has earned us countless five-star customer ratings as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How to Place an Order with

Are you looking to purchase new replacement cabinet doors? The Door Stop offers a variety of custom-cut, high quality cabinet doors that will add a stylish and modern touch to your home. Order your replacement cabinet doors today! Contact us online or call us at 800-342-1010.

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