Slab Drawer Fronts

Just like cabinet doors, drawer fronts wear out with time and use. After years of getting opened and shut, they start to show signs of use and abuse that make everything around the drawer fronts look shabbier. The same thing happens when the fronts have an outdated style. But you don’t have to make do with what you have or pay for expensive cabinet replacements. Instead, consider replacing the existing front with slab drawer fronts.

What are Slab Cabinet Drawer Fronts?

You can either have slab drawer fronts, which use one piece of wood, or 5-piece drawer fronts that have a “frame” made from 4 pieces of wood surrounding a central wood panel. Both are good options, and neither has functional or aesthetic advantages over the other. People typically choose slab options because they want the clean, seamless look of this option compared to the alternative. You can compare both options and decide for yourself which you prefer in our selection of kitchen drawer fronts at The Door Stop.

Do You Need Replacement Drawer Fronts?

Installing replacement drawer fronts probably isn’t high on your list of home improvement projects if at all. Regardless, there are several times when you may want or need to replace this subtle but important part of your kitchen. Here are some examples:

  • Cabinet Door Replacements - Usually, drawer fronts either complement or contrast your cabinet door style. Therefore, if you replace the doors you will probably need to replace the drawer fronts too.
  • Old, Outdated Styles - What does an outdated drawer front look like? You know it when you see it. It may not seem like a major style element, but if your fronts are over a decade old, they may be advertising their age and locking your kitchen into a look that hasn’t been popular for years.
  • Fresh Look - The truth is, you don’t need a great reason to replace your existing drawer fronts with slab or five-piece options. It’s your kitchen, and if there’s an element you don’t like, you’re free to replace it with whatever you want whenever you want. Fortunately, replacement drawer fronts are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, so you won’t need a big budget, a team of contractors, or a lengthy schedule to tackle the job.

How to Order Slab Drawer Fronts

It’s easier than you expect. Start by measuring the height and width of each one of your current drawer fronts. Now find a style of replacement drawer fronts you like and have them custom-built to fit the dimensions you need. It sounds like an expensive and inconvenient process, and it can be - unless you work with The Door Stop, the Internet’s leading source of custom drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

CabinetDoors.com - Drawer Fronts in Any Size

When you need drawer fronts - slab or five-piece drawer front - count on The Door Stop. We have been making drawer fronts and cabinet doors for over 40 years, and we offer options to suit any space and style preference. Explore our selection at your convenience, and contact us with your questions.

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