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Choosing new cabinet doors can feel overwhelming, especially with all the styles that are available. How do you know which style will stand the test of time? Look through our most popular cabinet doors to find styles that will always look fresh and modern. From simple door styles like the classic Shaker Cabinet Door, to more detailed styles like the Delaware Cabinet Door, we have a variety of cabinet door styles available for a look you’ll enjoy for years to come. Explore our selection of popular kitchen cabinet door styles below, and find the style that speaks to you.

What is the most popular cabinet door style?

The most popular style is shaker cabinet doors. Shaker cabinet doors are timeless and versatile. The simple look complements a wide array of designs and aesthetics, making it a top choice for any room in your home.

What is the most popular type of cabinet door?

Painted shaker doors are one of the best cabinet doors. There are many different colors to choose from for a painted option. All of our painted shaker cabinets are hand-painted in our facility. We have over 12 different Sherwin-Williams colors and paint grade options to choose from if you'd like to paint them on your own.

What is the best kitchen cabinet door?

When shopping for the best cabinet doors for your home, you'll want to consider the style and wood type. What looks good in one kitchen might not look the best in another. Three of the top-selling cabinet doors we have to offer are Shaker, Heritage, and Adobe. The most popular wood types are oak, maple, or paint grade.

How often is the 'most popular' selection updated?

We update this selection of best cabinet doors periodically and audit the most popular section annually. We hope our most popular selection can help you with your search for choosing a style for your next home renovation project.

What makes these cabinet doors 'most popular'?

Our most popular selection features the top-selling cabinets on our website. These are also the types of cabinet doors that our customers ask for most frequently.

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