Drawer Fronts

Drawer fronts are the cousin to your cabinet doors. If you’re replacing your cabinet doors in your kitchen, bath, or office, it’s a good idea to add replacement drawer fronts as well, to maintain a sense of continuity in your space. Incorporating new cabinet drawer fronts and cabinet doors helps you achieve the look of brand new cabinets and drawers, but at a fraction of price. Most often, people choose the same style of replacement drawer fronts as they choose for replacement doors, but there are exceptions. Slab cabinet drawer fronts, for example, work very well with a variety of other cabinet door styles. As such, we encourage you to pick whatever drawer front styles catch your attention. With our excellent selection of styles, you’ll be able to find a style to match your cabinet doors, whether they’re brand new, or cabinet doors you intend to keep.


What are drawer fronts?

Drawer fronts are a slab of wood that fits on a drawer box in your kitchen, bathroom, or home. When replacing your cabinet doors, it's always best to replace the drawer fronts in your home as well, so you can get a finished look after your remodel.

Why should I consider replacing my drawer fronts?

If you only plan on replacing your cabinet doors, your project may feel incomplete. Whether your current drawer fronts are a different type of wood, color, or style - it's also best to replace everything all at once. Replacing your drawer fronts is also relatively low-cost and a great way to elevate your space.

Do I need to choose the same style for my drawer fronts and cabinet doors?

While you don't have to pick the same style, most individuals prefer a similar wood type and finish as the custom cabinet doors. However, you don't necessarily need the same door style. A great alternative option is to consider a flat piece of wood, like our Highland Slab Drawer Front.

What kind of drawer fronts do you offer?

The two most popular drawer fronts include 5-Piece Drawer Fronts and Slab Drawer Fronts. 5-Piece is made of five pieces, while a slab drawer front is made with one piece of wood. We also have over 64 different styles and 22 different wood types or finishing options. Some of our most popular styles include Adobe, Shaker, and Heritage.

How do I choose the right drawer front style for my cabinets?

When ordering new custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your renovation project, we recommend picking a wood type and style of custom cabinet doors first. Once you choose a style that complements the look and feel you're trying to achieve, you can find a drawer front style that complements the rest of the details in your kitchen, bathroom, or home.

If you have any questions about which drawer front style will look best with your vision, reach out to the team at Cabinetdoors.com. We're here to offer you guidance and recommendations.

Can I install the drawer fronts myself, or do I need professional help?

Yes, all of our drawer fronts are easy to install by yourself. The installation will vary depending on the size of the drawer box and which style you choose. To learn more, read our How to Replace Drawer Fronts blog.

Can I customize my drawer fronts?

At Cabinetdoors.com, all our custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts are custom-made and made to order. Once you find a style and wood type, send us the measurements, and we'll get to work..

Do drawer fronts come in standard sizes?

All of our drawer fronts are custom-made. Once you find a style, you can learn more about our minimum and maximum width and height under the drawer front specs on the product age.

What materials are your drawer fronts made of?

We offer over 22 different wood types to choose from. Whether you're looking for paint-grade wood, cherry, or one of our pre-painted options - we have you covered.

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