What Is A Cope And Stick Cabinet Door?


If you’re searching for cope and stick cabinet doors you’re likely remodeling your kitchen or building a new home.  When selecting cabinet doors there are two categories of cabinet doors, those that are just a solid slab of wood, and those that are made from 4 frame sections and a center panel.  Slab doors are notorious for warping due to humidity variations.  For this reason, framed cabinet door designs such as the cope and stick joint are preferred.

Cope And Stick Joint vs Mitered Joint

The two main types of framed cabinet door designs are cope and stick and mitered joints.  The two are similar in that they use 4 frame sections and a center panel but differ in the way the 4 frame sections are joined.

Cope And Stick Joints

The cope and stick joint for cabinet doors is made with a mortise and tenon joint.  This joint features a tongue in grove type design where the top and bottom frame section tabs fit into the corresponding grove cut into the side frame sections.  Also known as the mortise and tenon joint this type of cabinet door construction is sure to last.  The joint forms a 90° angle at each of the 4 corners.

Mitered joints

Mitered joints are similar in that there are sections of wood that use a tab in grove joint fabrication method.  Yet they differ in the way the sections of wood come together.  Each of the 4 frame sections are cut at their ends to have a 45° to create a diagonal joint of 90° at each of the corners.  This is also a durable joint option but differs in style.  Many of the most popular cabinet doors, such as the shaker cabinet door, feature cope and stick instead of mitered joints.

Cabinet Door Durability & Humidity

The cope and stick cabinet door design is durable and lasts longer than simple slab cabinet doors.  This is due to the design’s ability to compensate for changes in the cabinet door’s size.  Wood will always react to moisture and the humidity in the air.  As humidity rises all cabinet doors will swell slightly.  Slab cabinet doors are much more likely to warp and bend due fluctuations in humidity.  In fact slab doors that are 14 x 20 inches will vary by as much as 3/16ths of an inch.


Cope and stick cabinet doors feature a center panel that is secured at it’s edges in a channel set in the frame sections.  The channel section gaps are made slightly larger than the cabinet door center panel to allow for swelling due to humidity and completely avoids warping.  


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