How-to videos...everything about cabinet doors

Do you have questions about how to measure existing cabinet openings and determining the proper sizes for new cabinet doors. See our How-to-Measure video.

Maybe you would like to know more about the different wood types cabinet doors are made with. See the video about best woods for paint-grade and Woods used in Cabinet Doors part-1 and part-2.

Today there are new concealed hinge designs that actually softly close the cabinet door. We have videos on how to attach the hinges and how to align the doors by adjusting the hinges.

These videos are only the start of what we have planned. We will be posting videos on how to mount glass in glass frames, how to stain different wood types and which wood types are best for painting.

Until we finish each of these topics you can find information in our Blog by clicking on Resources on the NavBar at the top of the page. Click here to open our Youtube channel, with about 100 more videos.


How to measure cabinet openings for both single or double cabinet doors.
How to order from (part 1)
How to order from (part 2)
How to install Blum Hinges and hang you cabinet doors
How to perfectly adjust Blum Hinges.
Best woods for Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors.
About cabinet doors made from Paint-Grade, Alder, Oak, and Maple.
Glass Frame Cabinet Doors: How they're made, how to buy online, and how to install glass.
Manufacturing Mitered Cabinet Doors with state of the art CNC machinery. adds more computerized machinery...every year!


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