Popular Designs & Styles for Raised Cabinets

Raised panel cabinet door styles feature prominently in some of the country's most attractive kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. In fact, raised panel cabinet doors are historically one of the most popular cabinet door styles because it does so much to elevate the look and feel of any space. If you’re ready for replacement cabinet doors but are still debating which style to choose, consider some of the most popular raised panel door designs. But first, make sure to read on to learn exactly what we mean when we say raised panel cabinet doors.

The Definition of Raised Panel Doors

Most cabinet doors are constructed with a frame surrounding a center panel. As the name would suggest, the center panel sticks out slightly on raised panel doors, compared to recessed panel doors where the center panel sits behind the frame. Raised panel styles are offered in many varieties with unique details, but all of them have a center panel that sticks out and is flush with the frame.

Today’s Top Raised Panel Cabinet Door Styles

There are options for raised panel cabinet doors that will suit any preference or design scheme. They often come in both mitered and cope & stick styles:

  • Liberty - Make a statement with doors that features sharp lines, dynamic depth changes, and singular details
  • Delaware - A clean and simple style that blends handsomely into the background of any space.
  • Executive - Living up to their name, these raised panel doors represent the height of sophistication and style in the eyes of many homeowners and designers.
  • Fallbrook - Unique embellishments around the raised center panel give these doors an elevated look that’s neither stuffy nor distracting.
  • Ponderosa - Complement a rustic or cozy kitchen with raised panel doors that call to mind the rugged material they’re named for.
  • Heritage- The clean, straightforward design of these doors fits seamlessly into modern kitchens and looks especially sleek with the right finish.
  • Century - Unlike any of the other raised panel door styles you’ve seen, this style offers a clean lined center panel that grabs the attention of anyone in the room.

Designing with Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

If you’re on the fence about whether to choose raised panel designs or something else, you're spending your time wisely. Cabinet doors are one of the primary elements in any interior design, and what you choose could tie everything together and upgrade the aesthetic of the whole room — or it could do just the opposite. Fortunately, there are raised panel styles for all tastes, and no matter where you hang these doors, they tend to improve upon what came before. Be sure to consider all your options, but don’t ever hesitate to choose raised panel cabinet doors. You won’t be disappointed.

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