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Cheap Cabinet Doors - A Home Designer’s Secret


Quality Cabinet Doors at a Low Cost

Low-cost doesn’t have to equal low-quality. Take cheap cabinet doors as an example. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for replacement cabinet doors built in today’s most popular styles and constructed to last for years. When you tell people you bought cheap kitchen cabinets, it doesn’t mean you bought something inferior - just the opposite. It means you discovered a classic home designer’s secret for making a big impact on a small budget. Take the money you could be saving on cabinet doors and spend it on something else.

Why Buying Retail is a Ripoff

Big box stores and retailers add to the cost of the cabinet doors so they can afford to keep their lights on, pay their sales staff, and otherwise do business. Sales reps have to be at the store from open to close whether someone is buying or not. Retail stores also don’t buy from the factory, they buy from distributors. That means each cabinet door has been sold from the factory to a distributors, then to retail stores and then sold to the public. Each time cabinets are sold, a margin is added to keep the distributor and retailers in business. By the time they’re available for you to buy, they’re not cheap cabinet doors anymore.

Why Buying Direct is Better!

 A select few manufacturers have taken hold of the power of the internet and set up websites to connect directly with the public and homeowners. We are one of them and have streamlined our fabrication to keep costs as low as possible for all of our customers - no matter how many doors you buy. When you buy direct, there are no middlemen like distributors or retailers. You are buying from the people who actually make the products. This means that there are no additional margins added from simply sending the product to different warehouses and eventually to showrooms and stores. When you buy direct, you pay exactly what the door is actually worth. The price is cheaper and it’s also a lot more fair to consumers to cut out all the unnecessary markups. That’s what we believe at

Selling Direct To The Public

A lot of cabinet door manufacturers shy away from selling direct to the public because they don’t want to invest in additional staff to take and fill smaller orders. They prefer selling in high volume to retailers. has embraced the ability to sell direct to the public. Thanks to our innovative approaches, we are happy to fulfill orders for one door or 10,000 doors. Our doors offer the quality homeowners and contractors expect for a price that many are pleasantly surprised by.

How We Sell Inexpensive Cabinet Doors to Everyone is able to sell cabinet doors cheaper because the website handles the majority of the sales, not a team of sales staff drinking coffee in an overpriced office Website development and maintenance does cost something, but not nearly as much as paying for full-time sales staff. Best of all, the savings get passed along to you.

To describe simply what we do, CabinetDoors is a world-class cabinet factory with a user-friendly website. Our unique business model gives  consumers direct access to cheaper pricing and the same high quality they expect for their cabinet doors. In fact, you can buy the same top-quality cabinet doors you’d find in a retail store for almost half the cost. You can also avoid the congested parking lots and long lines of the big-box stores. It’s a win-win!

Using Cheap Kitchen Cabinets and Doors

If you’re trying to minimize the cost of cabinet replacement, you can save a lot of money by replacing the existing doors with cheap cabinet doors and keeping the frames underneath - provided they’re still structurally sound. Cabinet doors are the most noticeable part of the cabinet, and when you replace just the doors, it often looks like you replaced everything. Instead of renovating the whole kitchen or replacing all the cabinets, both of which cost a lot, accomplish the same upgrades at a fraction of the expense by only replacing the cabinet doors. You would be amazed at what a difference it makes for so little investment.

Unfinished Cabinet Doors for Less

Many designers and homeowners want to finish their cabinet doors themselves. That way they can choose the wood stains, colors, and styles they prefer once the doors arrive. We sell unfinished cheap cabinet doors that come ready for you or your contractor to finish yourselves, which also helps keep the cost of manufacturing down.

A Beginner’s Guide to Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Shopping for cheap cabinet doors could be a stressful process if you’re worried about quality or feel forced to choose from very limited options. That’s why savvy designers, contractors, and homeowners work with The Door Stop instead. We keep door prices low by cutting out the middleman markups and by leveraging economies of scale. We also custom-build each door from quality materials using expert craftsmanship and advanced woodworking equipment. Shopping for cheap cabinets online is actually enjoyable at The Door Stop because you can expect to find a style you love at a price to match knowing those doors will exceed your expectations for quality.

Buy Cabinet Doors Direct

Online direct cabinet door retailers are able to fill orders with better pricing because the website does the majority of the work in selling.  There isn’t a sales force that must be paid or brick and mortar showrooms that needs to be maintained. is the quality solution to buy cabinet doors cheaper than the competition. The quality is there, the extensive selection of colors and styles is there, just not the extra cost of buying from retailers or big box locations! - Cheap Cabinet Doors Made Better

We pride ourselves on selling inexpensive cabinet doors - ones that save people money without compromising quality. Take a moment to explore our extensive selection of inexpensive options, and if you would like to ask questions at any point, please Contact Us.

If you have questions about buying high quality cabinet doors cheap please call 800-342-1010.

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