What Is Conversion Varnish?

What Is Conversion Varnish?

If you’re searching for what is conversion varnish, conversion varnish advantages, or conversion varnish problems; this post will help.  Conversion varnish is one of the best finishes that can be applied to wood, and is incredibly popular for cabinet doors, but it does require professional application.  Learn more about this highly durable and visually stunning … Continue reading

White Shaker Cabinet Doors For Sale

White Shaker Cabinet Doors For Sale

If you’re searching for white shaker cabinet doors for sale for your kitchen or bathroom, they are now available from The Door Stop!  We are proud to now offer white shaker cabinet doors straight from the factory.  You measure for the cabinet doors you need, select paint grade on the Shaker Cabinet Door page, and then … Continue reading

Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors – Which Woods Paint Best & Which Woods To Avoid?

Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors – Which Woods Paint Best & Which Woods To Avoid?

  Many folks searching the internet for Poplar Cabinets or Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors find our website, Cabinetdoors.com, and ask questions about painting cabinet doors. After explaining the pros and cons of painting a cabinet door, we decided to add the question-and-answer to our Blog. Because we manufacture kitchen cabinet doors, and have built many ten’s of … Continue reading

Cabinet Door Replacement Costs 2018

Cabinet Door Replacement Costs 2018

When doing home improvements or remodeling the cost is a part of budgeting.  Two of the most popular remodeling projects are the kitchen and bathroom, both of which typically have cabinetry.  So, a lot of people are wondering, what are cabinet door replacement costs in 2018. How Much Does it Cost To Replace Cabinet Doors? … Continue reading

How To Make Shaker Cabinet Doors

If you are looking for how to make Shaker cabinet doors, this guide should help! We have also included a video version of this post as well. Shaker Cabinet Doors are among the most popular cabinet door designs, precisely because they are simple. They are simple in appearance and simple to make, with minimal woodworking … Continue reading

What is a Cope and Stick Cabinet Door, and how are they made?

The five pieces in a Cope and Stick door are the four parts of the frame, called Stiles and Rails. The Stiles are the vertical pieces, or sides of the frame, and the Rails are the top and bottom pieces. The fifth piece of the 5-piece door is the panel, which the frame surrounds. Continue reading

Custom Cabinet Doors: Where to find them and How to buy online

Over the past few years a few actual manufacturers have started offering their products factory-direct on websites. The advantage to finding the actual manufacturer is that you avoid paying the middleman markup and have a guarantee from the manufacturing company, instead of a guarantee from the middleman. Continue reading

How to stain or paint Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Today cabinet remodelers and refacers are able to produce a do-it-yourself finish on new cabinet doors that will compare favorably to that of an experienced, expert cabinet maker. There are different methods of arriving at this superior level of finish, and those methods depend upon whether you intend to stain and lacquer the cabinet doors … Continue reading

Hybrid Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While this word often conjures up thoughts of fuel-efficient hatchbacks, it is an increasingly important term that we are embracing in the woodworking industry. Hybrid technology, like the blending of gas and electric engines in a car, creates a system where the sum of its parts is greater than each individual component on its own. … Continue reading

Understanding unfinished Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors

Although any cabinet door can be painted, not all materials used in cabinet doors paint equally well. Here are some tips on how to get cabinet doors that will paint well and remain beautiful for a generation. The reason some wood types will give a perfect looking stain finish and a disappointing painted finish is … Continue reading

Cabinet Refacing–How to save on cabinet doors online

Refacing kitchen cabinets can be much less expensive that replacing the cabinets. But not if you must buy the new cabinet doors retail from a hardware or big-box store! The internet has brought along some very interesting changes in our lives, and none are more advantages than the ability to buy manufactured items factory-direct, bypassing … Continue reading

How to find and buy New Replacement Cabinet Doors Cheap

One of the best ways to find a great deal on anything is to find the actual manufacturer and buy the product directly from him. The problem is that not many manufacturers want to sell direct to the end user, they want to sell in much higher volumes to retail stores. They don’t want to … Continue reading

How to complete inter-coat sanding steps when painting Cabinet Doors

Sanding between paint of lacquer coats can help insure a great looking finish on your painted or stained kitchen cabinet doors. Here is a link to a video from the Woodworking Network explaining the proper sanding method between coats. (for more of the Chemcraft finishing videos click here). We’ve talked about the importance of primer and sanding … Continue reading

The six rules for painting replacement kitchen cabinet doors

Here are some tried and true rules of thumb that relate to painting Kitchen Cabinet Doors. * The first is the “prep-prep-prep” rule. That means that every hour spent preparing the cabinet door for painting saves two hours in repainting. * The second is the 5-F’s rule. This rule is “Fine Finishers Finish Firewood First”. … Continue reading

How to order Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors online

The Shaker cabinet door is by-far the most popular (by volume produced) cabinet door in the last 300 years. It was popular three hundred years ago and it’s still popular today. The design of the Shaker is simple, clean, and extremely durable. Shaker doors use Cope & Stick joinery and are produced in every wood … Continue reading

How to find Top-Quality Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The most serious problem to overcome in purchasing a high quality kitchen cabinet door is to locate a source of custom cabinet doors as opposed to the lower quality modular doors. Here are the differences between the custom and modular marketing models, and how the two approaches will affect the end consumer. The hardware retail … Continue reading

How to confirm a website can be trusted

When looking for Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors on the internet CabinetDoors.Com offers complete privacy and total peace of mind for web ordering. But not all websites are equally cautious! As the number of e-commerce websites grows into the millions, it can be difficult to determine which sites are legitimate and which sites are not so … Continue reading

How Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors are made

Basically there are three designs if cabinet doors; these are Slab (or Plank), Cope & Stick and Mitered. Slab, or Plank doors are simply edge-glued strips of wood. Slab doors are very susceptible to warping and twisting caused by variations in humidity. Most cabinet door manufacturers don’t offer Slab doors for the reasons stated, but … Continue reading

How to fix a stripped screw hole so cabinet doors can hang straight

We get lots of calls about how to fix cabinet doors that don’t hang straight. This seems to be a problem that quite a few folks have come across so I’ll take a minute to offer a simple and quick fix. If the problem is a bent, warn, or broken hinge it will need to … Continue reading

How to buy Top Quality Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors and save money

By Jim Hill August 22, 2014 The issue of saving money on any manufactured item is really very simple: The more middlemen that are involved in the process, the more the item gets marked-up. The normal path any item takes to the final consumer is from the manufacturer to the Stocking Distributor, to a Wholesaler, … Continue reading

How to find Top Quality Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Trying to find high quality kitchen cabinet doors for your cabinet refacing project can be very difficult. Unless you know where to look. Knowing where some cabinet door manufacturers save money is the key to being able to spot quality. One of the areas where manufacturing money is saved is in the thickness of the … Continue reading

How to order Kitchen Cabinet Doors of the correct sizes for your cabinets.

1 August, 2014 BY JIM HILL The sizes of replacement cabinet doors will depend upon the answers to a few easy questions. Question 1. What door style and wood type are you considering? There are hundreds of door styles to choose from. The major categories are divided by assembly method; Cope and Stick or Mitered.  … Continue reading

How to measure for raplacement cabinet doors

28 July, 2014 BY JIM HILL When measuring for new kitchen cabinet doors or replacement cabinet doors, the type of hinge you intend to use will influence the door sizes. If you intend to use your existing hinges simply measure your existing cabinet doors and order doors of the same sizes. If you plan to … Continue reading

How to locate sources for Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

July 2014 by Jim Hill There are two distribution channels for most manufactured products. One is directly from the manufacturer. The other is from the manufacturer, through a distributor, and finally, through a retailer, before reaching the consumer. Distributors and stocking representatives are simply middlemen who buy directly from manufacturers. They must increase the price … Continue reading

How to finish Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors and get a finish you can be proud of.

June 2014 by Jim Hill So you just received your new Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors and are ready to start painting. Here are a few tips to get an attractive and durable finish on those new doors. Don’t stress-out about the painting process, even if you are an inexperienced painter. Painted doors are not like stained … Continue reading

How a do-it-yourselfer can stain and finish replacement kitchen cabinet doors

Jume 2014 by Jim Hill There are as many ways to apply a finish to cabinet doors as there are custom cabinet shops, but this post will focus on a method of finishing that can be applied by an amateur woodworker with limited staining or finishing skills. Airless spray guns and $10,000 dustless spray booths … Continue reading

The secret to painting Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors:

How To Paint Cabinet Doors. Primer and preparation are the secret formula that will allow you to achieve the painted look a painting professional will admire. I recommend using Latex primer and paint on cabinet doors and any painted wood products that will be kept indoors. The cleanup is easier, it doesn’t smell as bad, … Continue reading

How to finish Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors…Like an expert:

So you just received your new Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors and are ready to start painting. Here are a few tips to get an attractive and durable finish on those new doors. Don’t stress-out about the painting process, even if you are an inexperienced painter. Painted doors are not like stained doors where a disappointing stained … Continue reading

How to avoid climate caused problems with wood furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Doors

23 January, 2014 BY JIM HILL New home Cabinet Doors and remodeled homes with Replacement Cabinet Doors can face a difficult environment if relative humidity is left uncontrolled. Here’s why. Ideally the woodâ_Ts moisture content in Kitchen Cabinet Doors will be matched to the average relative humidity of the region where the wood product will … Continue reading

New Machinery At The Door Stop

Along with new Triple-head Widebelt Sanders and additional CNC Mitering machinery, The Door Stop has added two additional Cope & Stick Coping Machines. Accuracy in Coping is essential in hi-quality cabinet door manufacturing. Accurate and tight-tolerance copes make for exceptionally tight joints and are necessary for the widebelt sanding operations that follow. Without highly accurate … Continue reading

Machining Mitered Cabinet Doors

Mitered Cabinet Doors need exact machining to produce a tight and accurate joint and obtaining perfect miter joints is nearly impossible without computerized machinery. We use Accu-Systems CNC Machining systems for all our mitering. This video demonstrates the joining method we use at CabinetDoors.Com to produce every mitered cabinet door we make. We have made … Continue reading