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Double-Stacked Kitchen Cabinets Design

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Nov 16th 2023

Are you obsessed with the elegant feel that stacked kitchen cabinets provide? Are you searching for a way to make your kitchen appear more open and airy? Double-stacked kitchen cabinets are a stylish…

Why Consider Wood Grain Pattern for Cabinet Doors?

Posted by Donovan Thornhill on Nov 11th 2023

When shopping for new custom kitchen cabinet doors, the two most important factors are the wood type and the style. The most common wood types for cabinet doors include Alder, Cherry, and Knotty Oak.…

Glass Cabinet Doors for an Elegant Kitchen Design

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Nov 4th 2023

So, you're remodeling your kitchen. You picked out the perfect countertops, flooring, and replacement cabinet doors. Everything looks great, but something feels missing. Whether your kitchen feels cra…

9 Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Oct 24th 2023

Looking for fun, trendy DIY ideas to elevate your kitchen cabinet doors? Are you tired of traditional wood types, colors, and styles? Maybe, you’re simply just ready for something new.The beauty of ki…
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