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Kitchen Design Ideas for Black Cabinet Doors

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Apr 25th 2023

We all strive to create a kitchen that stands out, but finding the right way to do that isn’t always easy. However, when you choose black kitchen cabinet doors, you are sure to make an impression. The…

How To Measure for Lazy Susan Cabinet Doors

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Apr 18th 2023

Lazy Susan cabinets are a classic kitchen cabinet construction that offers added potential for organizing your kitchen, allowing you to reach the hidden spaces in your cabinets and maximize your cabin…

Mid-Century Modern Inspired Cabinet Doors Styles

Posted by Melissa Hollobaugh on Mar 29th 2023

You want a functional, beautiful kitchen that will outlast trends. A mid-century modern design style is the perfect solution for creating a practical yet eye-catching space. A vintage mid-ce…

What Is Conversion Varnish?

Posted by Jim Hill on Mar 21st 2023

If you’re looking to finish your cabinet doors, you’ve probably heard of conversion varnish, but you might not know what makes it different from regular paint. It can be helpful to understand why some…
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