What is Boring on a Cabinet Door?

You might think we’re talking about the least interesting part of the door. But when we say “boring,” we mean the hole drilled into the door that the hinge sits inside of. With the hinge mounted, you don’t notice the hole, but it’s an integral part of the door, and something you need to keep in mind when ordering replacement cabinet doors.

What is Hinge Boring?

When your cabinet doors have concealed hinges, meaning the hinges are inside the cabinet and invisible when the doors are closed, the hinge plate sits inside of what’s called a hinge cup. The hinge cup creates solid adhesion and proper alignment between the door and the hinge so that it swings smoothly every time. Hinge boring is simply the process of drilling out the hinge cup, as well as two smaller holes above and below the cup where the hinge attaches.

Handling Hinge Boring

Boring cabinet doors for hinges on your own is possible, but it isn't easy. You need to measure precisely and cut carefully, and small mistakes can ruin the door. That’s why at The Door Stop, we offer to bore hinge holes into each of your doors for a modest charge. You simply need to designate whether you need the holes offset 3 mm or 5 mm (the packaging with your hinges should specify). You can also pay a small additional charge to have the holes placed at different heights, but the standard dimensions we use work for the vast majority of hinges. Finally, let us know whether you want the pilot holes or not. To make things as easy as possible, order hinges and hinge boring from us at the same time, that way you know everything aligns properly and installs easily.

Why Quality Doors Need Quality Hinges

When you’re redesigning a kitchen or selecting replacement cabinet doors, you’re not thinking much about the hinges. But eventually, you will need to decide which hinges to use and how to install them. And if you end up selecting the cheapest hinges you can find or tackling the hinge boring process yourself without enough preparation, it could derail your project in ways you don’t expect. You open your cabinet doors multiple, even dozens of times a day. If those doors swing awkwardly, make a strange sound, or force you to use a lot of pressure, it’s going to be an everyday annoyance. That’s why so many people choose soft-close Blum hinges, which are German-engineered to gently close the doors instead of allowing them to crash into the cabinet frame. Along with the hinges, customers trust us to bore the hinge holes knowing the work will be done perfectly and at a fair price. What is boring on a cabinet door? Something you can’t ignore.

The Door Stop - Ready-to-Install Replacement Doors

When you order replacement cabinet doors, you don’t want to spend a ton of time or energy getting them ready to install, especially if you also have to paint or stain them yourself. You don’t want to neglect something like hinge boring, but you don’t want to get bogged down by it either. That’s why we offer it on any of the doors in our vast and varied selection. If you have questions about hinges, boring, doors, or anything else we do, please contact us.

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