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CabinetDoors.Com Reviews, and customer comments on our many styles of unfinished Cabinet Doors

Over the past 38+ years we've made millions of finished and unfinished replacement kitchen cabinet doors, so it's not surprising that we receive thousands of customer comments by email, FAX, and phone. We appreciate your comments and add them to the top of this page as we receive them. We will also post your pictures, just email them along with your comments to The following are the comments we've received over the past few months.

I could not be more impressed with the cabinet doors I just received. My only regret is that it took me so long to pull the trigger and place the order. Charles J.

You made some replacement doors for a rental I own. Problem is...the doors I didn't replace look awful. Seriously, you make a very high quality cabinet door and I guess I'll be ordering the rest of the kitchen soon.Kay B.

I am finally getting back to you to let you know that we are truly pleased with the Shaker cabinet doors provided by The Door Stop. All arrived on time, undamaged, and exactly as specified. We are so happy that we had your company do the white painting work on the doors, as well, for it is super smooth and without imperfections. It matches the Sherwin Williams paint color you recommended for the trim very well. We have received many compliments on the look of our remodeled kitchen, and a good deal of astonishment at how budget-friendly the cost was! Catherine and Dennis F.

We received the cupboard doors that we ordered from your company yesterday afternoon. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the product. Not having ordered from your company before I wasn�t sure what to expect, but I am delighted to be able to tell you that your builders did an outstanding job. Many thanks for such a beautiful product. We appreciate the attention to detail that obviously went into each and every door. Please pass our praise on to the people who actually put the cupboard doors together. They did a great job! Sincerely, Cindy L C.

The directions for ordering helped a bunch, and the doors fit perfectly in our space. We had the holes for the hinges drilled and got the offered hinges (super easy to put in). I ordered unfinished hickory doors, and used a water-based polyurethane to protect the wood (no stain). I love the variation in the wood, and the doors are sturdy and well made. I think They look great. Feel free to use my picture and words. I would prefer you to use my first initial and last name if you list a name. R. Dickson

I ordered new cabinet doors for my upper cabinets in my kitchen. They needed to match the bottom doors. Thanks to your very knowledgeable staff, I got perfect doors--the grain matched, the trim matched, and the hardware is outstanding. I am delighted and would recommend this company without reservation. Thank you for an outstanding product. Madge S.

I'm a home re-modeling handyman and I just finished a kitchen remodel using your Shaker Doors. This was my first order from you and the sizes and overall quality are much better than my prior supplier. You helped my make my customer very happy.Mike B.

I used to build high-end custom tables in a furniture factory where we, as craftsmen who built the entire piece, affixed our signature to the underside, over the company seal. We used red oak and black walnut (and walnut burl) as our primary woods, and our quality control standards were very high. With this background, I tend to be highly critical of furniture and cabinetry I encounter. With this being said, I offer the following: We ordered replacement doors for our 60-year-old home and were very pleased with the product. The milling was of the highest quality. The joinery was very well done, and the wood selection was obviously done by a professional who cares what the finished product looks like. It is one thing to assemble a project with technical skill, and another thing entirely to accomplish the assembly with an eye toward bringing the best out of the wood being used. Both aspects were accomplished, and at a very high level! The dimensions were absolutely perfect. Each door was correctly dimensioned to within less than 1/16 of an inch. It was very pleasing to see this attention to detail, especially since I took the time to measure my cabinets twice, making sure I had done my part. I had never worked with white birch before, and when I saw the issues with staining the wood (soft grain with blotchy absorption of the stain) I was a bit worried. I had no problems at all because the wood was of a higher quality white birch that had been properly handled at the mill and sanded to a stain-ready finish. A good sanding sealer was applied, and then the stain. The results were EXCELLENT! All-in-all, we received a great product, great advice and excellent customer service from We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for cabinet doors. Nice job, everyone! Michael R.

The doors arrived today and fit perfectly. Thank you very much. I will be ordering the remaining 18 doors and 6 drawer fronts in the next couple of months. Walter W.

I remodel kitchens for a living and I can only say...I wish I had found you sooner. These are the overall BEST cabinet Doors I have ever installed. Excellent quality and workmanship. Jake A.

Your cabinet doors are much higher quality than the doors that were installed by our home builder. There is really no comparison, you make a GREAT product. Al N.

The contractor remodeling our kitchen was so impressed with the doors we ordered from your website that he is going to use your doors for all his future jobs. Marcia N.

Your cabinet doors, and the finishing tips in your blog, made my kitchen remodel look GREAT. I recommend your doors to everyone. Kay H.

Hi, I have received my 1 door, and I feel like I received the same quality service and product as if it were 50 doors. I am very pleased with a beautiful door delivered as promised. Thanks, David H.

Although I haven't bought the cabinet doors for my kitchen remodeling project yet, I will be making my purchase from Your site, and especially your Blog, has more useful information than I've found anywhere else on the internet. The information you provide is exceptional and you have helped to give me the confidence to take-on this project. Nancie D.

We took your advice and ordered the smallest door in our kitchen to see your quality...which is absolutely great...Now we are ordering the rest of the kitchen and bath doors. Don & Barb B.

These cabinet doors are PERFECT! Super high quality and right-on size. Harry D.

So glad we remodeled our kitchen with your doors, instead of doors from the hardware chain. You saved us over 35%. The doors arrived in 12 days (hardware chain quoted 28 days), and your quality is far better than their samples. Mark H.

These doors are EXCELLENT! In quality and workmanship and value. Very glad we found you. James L.

Very nice cabinet doors, the color matching and the sizes are right-on. paul L.

Your customer service is fantastic. Somehow you spotted an error I made on my order (I reversed width and height on one door) and called me to ask if the size was correct. Your attention to detail prevented me from ordering one of my doors wrong. Thank you so much. Bryan E.

The doors and drawer fronts are perfect. Even better than I had dared to hope. I've already told several friends about your website and my sister is talking about refacing her kitchen too. Karen V.

Our new Delaware Cabinet Doors are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The remodeling contractor told me that they are the highest quality doors he has ever installed. He is so impressed that he will be recommending to all his refacing customers in the future. Joyce P.

Hi Jordan,i want to thank u for being so incredibly helpful. u get five stars for excellent customer service. u should forward the above comment to the owner of your company im sure he or she would appreciate knowing that his employee is doing a very good job. Handy

So very happy with the quality and quick turn around. Looks great. PM P.

These unfinished cabinet doors are really paint-ready. I didn't need to do any sanding at all. Very good product and workmanship. Chuch K.

Hi. Rec'd the two oak cabinet doors and thanks. Beautiful work and almost a perfect match to our existing kitchen cabinet doors after I stained them with Minwax Golden Oak. Peter N.

Received the doors and hinges and am very satisfied with the quality of workmanship and time it took to fill the order. I ordered through you via the recommendation of Smiley Construction in Sheridan, WY. The owner is an old friend of mine. Thanks again for the great work! James P.

These doors are exceptional. I didn't need to sand at all before priming and painting. You make an excellent...American Made product! Todd B.

I want to thank you for your quick action in replacing the door with the hinge bore problem. I will visit your site to see whether I can provide a positive rating but wanted to tell you personally how happy I am! The doors and drawer fronts are beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Many thanks, Jim

The doors arrived and we are very pleased! a sincere Thank You from Monika R.

You make a very impressive and high quality product. We could not be more pleased.-Terry B.

Here is a picture of some of our work. Thank you for a great product and wonderful service. We used all your referrals for our supplies and they were very helpful. Everyone wants to know where we got western cabinets! Lori and John H.


My husband just gave me the greatest Xmas gift ever when new Kitchen Cabinet Doors were delivered. I can't wait for him to finish installing them in my kitchen.-Linda W.

We ordered Mitered Delaware doors from you to replace water-damaged doors below our sink. Now we are ordering the rest of the Kitchen. Your doors are so much higher quality that we can't help but notice every time we come into the kitchen. Your cabinet doors just put our old doors to shame.-Joe and Barb C.

Our Kitchen remodel is now completed and the new Shaker Cabinet Doors make the kitchen look like it belongs in a model home. It's fantastic looking. Thanks for giving it a totally new look.-Ken J.

I've been buying my Mitered doors from you for some time, but recently I had a big rush-job of Cope & Stick doors So I placed the order with you. I've always made my own Cope & Stick doors, but no more. Your Cope & Stick doors are just as impressive as your Mitered doors. They are the highest quality I've ever used.-Jack at Kelly's Custom Cabinets

I make Entertainment Centers and I started buying my doors (instead of making my own) last year. I tried several different internet suppliers before I tried So far I've used your Revere, Delaware, and Shaker doors, and each of these door styles are by far the best quality I've installed on my products. Your door quality has improved the quality and appearance of my Entertainment Centers.-Vince B.

The doors we received are truly Exceptional. You make a very high quality product.-Larry J.

I was concerned about ordering a whole kitchen of doors from an internet supplier so I decided to order only one door from you and one from another supplier. Well, you definitely came out the winner. Here is my order for the remaining doors and drawer fronts (plus the one I ordered from your competitor).-Terrance D.

I run a small remodeling business in Michigan and a friend told me about your company. I just finished my first kitchen with your doors and they were perfect in every way. Sizing, sanding, and color matching were the best I've ever had. You are now my door supplier for every kitchen I remodel. Thanks for making a very nice product.-Pete S.

These doors are very nice and well made. I especially appreciate the sanding quality.-Paul F.

I couldn't find the company I ordered cabinet doors from before, and now I'm glad I couldn't. I ordered the doors from you and they arrived yesterday...two days earlier than you promised. They are so much better than the doors from the other supplier that I'm actually glad I couldn't find the other guys. Really nice doors.-Ted B.

I visited dozens of Cabinet Door websites before I ordered from you and now I know I choose the right website. My remodel is now finished and our remodel contractor said the doors are the best he has ever installed. The doors and drawer fronts are so much higher quality than any I have seen and I get compliments from everyone that visits.-Roni U.

If I could post "Stars" on my review, you would get all 5! I am very happy with your doors in my kitchen and baths.-Caroline A.

My new kitchen could not have gone any better. We didn't have to sand the doors at all.-Pat K.

This is my 3rd kitchen remodel and your Mitered Cabinet Doors are, by far, the best quality doors I've ever used.-Brad N.>/p>

Why did we wait so long to remodel our Kitchen? You made the door ordering process so simple and the kitchen looks fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to walk us through the decision process.-Mary H.

I received the doors yesterday and they are beautiful, Thank you.-Joe W.-

We just received the second half of our cabinet door order and they are just great. On these doors we ordered the hinges and hinge boring option, and we are very impressed with the hinges. Your hinges are so much higher quality than the hinges we bought locally for the first part of our order, there is just no comparison. Awesome workmanship and also the highest quality hinges I've seen.-Hance V.-

My wife likes the looks of the new cabinet doors but I'm even more impressed by the quality and workmanship. You just don't see real quality very often anymore.-Frank & Lauren B.-

My remodel contractor recommended I pick our new cabinet doors from your website, and I'm grateful that he did. The doors have given my kitchen a fabulous new look and I get compliments from everyone that visits.-Sharon T.-

Every time I walk into my kitchen I again realize that we really made the right choice getting our cabinet doors from F.-

I'm very happy with the cabinet doors. Very nice workmanship.-Lori B.-

One of our cabinet Doors arrived damaged which delayed our project. Although we were disappointed with the damage, we were very happy with your fast response in replacing the damaged door. Because of the damaged door we can't give you 5-stars, but your customer service certainly gets all five.-Marsha & Jim L.-

Thank you for taking the time to talk to my customer and explain the differences in the wood types. I have three remodeling jobs on my schedule and they are all from people that have seen your doors in kitchens I've remodeled in the past few months. Your doors and your customer service get me more remodeling jobs than any salesman I could ever hire.-Kevin at Kev's Kitchens-

You folks truly do make an excellent product.-Leon G.-

We had to replace some water damaged doors and the replacements are much nicer and better made than the rest of our cabinet doors. You make a very nice product.-Curtis & Dani R.-

The new cabinet doors and drawer fronts were delivered today and they are absolutely perfect. The sizes, the color matching, the finish sanding...all perfect. Thanks.-Norma S.-

My next door neighbor just installed your cabinet doors in her kitchen. I am so impressed with your doors that my husband has agreed to have our kitchen remodeled as well. Our order was placed this morning. Please hurry.-Pat G.-

We are so glad we decided to remodel our kitchen with your doors. Very nice job.-Joyce & Bill M.-

The doors for my latest remodel were installed yesterday and I wanted you to know that they are as nice as the other orders. Now, when I quote a kitchen remodel job, I show the homeowner pictures of my prior remodels and your doors make the difference.-Robert W.-

We had a "kitchen make-over" party and invited several of our neighbors. The new kitchen was a real hit and everyone seemed to be very impressed. Several of our friends asked for your website so I expect you will be hearing from them.-Donn K.-

We are very impressed with the cabinet doors you made for us. Beautiful.-David N.-

Every now and then you find a product that is excellent quality an a very good price. Your cabinet doors are my great buy of the year. You made my day when I opened the shipping boxes. I wish I could be this pleased with every time I buy something.-Walter B.-

The new doors for our master bath arrived today. We only ordered the doors for our bath so we could actually see your product. Well, you passed with flying colors and you will be receiving the order for our kitchen and guest bath as soon as we get the measurements. My husband and I are very impressed with the quality of these doors. Please feel free to use this note in your product review page.-Karen K.-

Thank you. I received the doors yesterday. Perfect! Thank you!! Kitchen upgrade is complete--for now.-Steve R.-

Your doors are very nice. I'm happy that we selected you to make our new kitchen cabinet doors.-Ben G.-

WOW, what a difference your new doors made in my kitchen! I can't help but smile every time I walk in.-Pam K.-

My kitchen is now finished and I just love the new look. Your doors and drawer fronts are so beautiful that my friends and family just keep talking about the change. Thank you for a great job.-Kate F.-

Just received our third order of your doors and I still get impressed with each new order. The cabinet doors you make are the best I've ever used. Please don't change anything.-Ron's Custom.-

I spent hours on the internet searching for cabinet doors and evaluating the different suppliers. Your website is by-far the most informative I found and, now that my new doors have been delivered, I can tell you that I made the right choice. These Delaware doors are awesome and just perfect. Thanks for doing exactly what you promised.-John L.-

I could not be more pleased with our new kitchen and your cupboard doors are the reason. Our installer was very impressed with the quality and told us that had earned his business. You are going to be his new door supplier.-Aaron K.-

These are absolutely the finest Cabinet Doors I've ever seen.-Troy Y.-

I just wanted you to know that your Blog on is really informative. Especially the post on which woods are good to paint and which woods aren't. I've now read every post on the blog and I've decided to order my cabinet doors from large part because of the information you have posted in the Blog.-Bill G.-

Very nice cabinet doors. We certainly made the right choice by ordering from Please feel free to give our email address to anyone asking about the quality of your doors.-Hank & Ann T.-

Our new cabinet doors arrived today and they are even more beautiful than I had hoped. Very, very high quality.-Vera S.-

My remodeling contractor uses your doors and recommended we order our new cabinet doors from He was right. They look very nice and are of the highest quality.-Jim V.-

You were recommended by the cabinet shop that we had refacing our kitchen cabinets, so we ordered the new cabinet doors from you. I wanted to say that the job is now complete and it looks fantastic. Thank for your fast service and some beautiful cabinet doors and drawer fronts.-Lauren & Van H.

I was very pleased with our new cabinet doors when I unpacked the boxes, but now that the doors are finished and installed on the cabinets I'm even more impressed. These are the highest quality Cabinet Doors I've ever seen. You make a very nice product and I'm glad we selected you to make our doors.-Martin K.-

I've never left feedback before on anything I've bought on the internet, but these cabinet doors deserve my very highest recommendation. They are just excellent!-Teri K.-

I wanted to let you know that I agree with your other reviews. Your doors are much higher quality than the doors we almost bought from *****. The color in your doors matches perfectly, and the doors at ***** have color mismatches.-Laura F.-

Just wanted to say that this order came out perfect as well! Once again I didn't have to touch up anything!-Tom F.-

It makes me feel good to find that someone still makes a quality product. I'm very pleased with my new cabinet doors.-Reed L.-

The cabinet doors and drawer fronts actually look better than the pictures on your website.-Matthew D.-

What beautiful cabinet doors and beautiful craftsmanship.-Clara N.-

Your cabinet doors are proof that we can still produce superior quality in this country. Please don't change your process.-Eric W.-

We just love the new look of our kitchen, and your doors are the reason we love it so much. We have received so many compliments from friends and family, and we have recommended your company to everyone we know.-AJ B.-

Simply put; you make a very, very nice, top quality cabinet door. I'm really glad we found you on the internet.-David F.-

Our refaced kitchen is just awesome. We welcome the compliments from our friends, but the real credit goes to you. Thank you for making the highest quality doors we've ever seen.-Harrison T.-

Friday April 12, 2013- Our new kitchen is my favorite place to spend time. Thank you for making it possible.-Dan & Kami P.-

We just finished unpacking my new cabinet doors and I'm real excited to get them finished and installed. They look GREAT and I'm very relieved  because I worried about buying doors over the internet. Now I can hardly wait to see my new kitchen completed.-Dorothy U.-

Our new kitchen cabinet doors are now installed and I don't know why we waited so long. They are simply beautiful.-Flora V.-

We are very pleased with the quality of these new Shaker cabinet doors. You make a very high quality product.-Wes R,-

We are very glad and actually even proud that this kind of workmanship still comes out of America. Thanks for a great product.-Tracy & Bill L.-

I love my new Delaware cabinet Doors, I just wish I had ordered the Delaware 5-piece Drawer Fronts instead of Slabs.-Robin L.-

We do the cabinet work for several builders in our area, and every year-or-two we shop your competition. Now that we have "tried the rest", we're  back to the best. We just wanted to let you know that you still make the best cabinet doors we have used.-Art P.-

What a great anniversary gift! My husband just surprised me with new Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts for my Kitchen. And Thank You,, for helping him make this an anniversary I'll remember forever.-Lisa C.-

I am more than impressed with your cabinet doors. I've never seen doors of this high quality before. A really great product.-Max C.-

Tuesday March 19, 2013- I was shocked when you called to tell me that I was receiving a refund of over $70 to my Credit Card, because of a lower cost shipping option. I buy tons of things on the internet and this has NEVER happened before. A business giving an unexpected refund. I love you guys.-Kent H.-

I wanted to add my 2-cents, and agree 100% with your other reviews. My finding you at the top of all the search engines was the reason I placed my order, but the superior quality of your cabinet doors is the reason you are at the top. I'm recommending you highly. Thank you for a beautiful and very well-made product.-Todd L.-

When I called about a problem with my order, I was so impressed with your response, your correction, and your explanation, that I just had to write. Your response to my problem of a door damaged in shipping, has turned an unfavorable impression into a totally positive review! You said that although you appreciate all the positive comments you receive, It has been the negative comments, and the lessons you've learned from past errors that are responsible for the superior quality product you make today. So, instead of ignoring negative feedback, you see that feedback as the reason for your success. A very impressive attitude and a very impressive product.-Richard G.-

Friday March 15, 2013- This latest order of cabinet doors are just what I've come to expect from you...Perfect. I'll be ordering again when I start my next job.-Tom. F.-

My neighbor used your cabinet doors to remodel her kitchen and, after I saw it I had to remodel mine too. My new kitchen, and baths, are finally finished and I want to send my thanks for your really great workmanship. They are absolutely beautiful and the quality is amazing.-Vera A.-

We have had our new kitchen for several months now and I want to let you know how happy I am with the new look. Every time I looked at my new cabinet doors I reminded myself to write and tell you how much I love them. I've never written a letter of appreciation before, but you really deserve one. You gave me a product that lives up to everything I had hoped for. If anything, my cabinet doors are even better than those you show on your website. I am one very happy customer and you have my highest recommendation.-Betty T.-

Your web ordering process is the best I've seen and the cabinet doors are perfect. Perfect sizes and perfect color matching, The entire experience was just perfect. I'm recommending you to my friends.-Suzanne V.-

I want to add my agreement to the list of your reviews. Your doors are AMAZING.-Jordan E.-

I just showed your cabinet doors to my brother and you will be getting another customer. He is into woodworking and he said your doors are top-quality. Great product and great job on my order.-Bob L.-

My new Kitchen Doors arrived this morning and I am sooo anxious to have my husband do the finishing and install them. The Blum Hinges appear to be very well made and the doors look wonderful. Thanks so much.-Shelly W.-

We decided to try your doors on a bathroom remodel first, just to verify the quality. Well you passed with flying colors. The order for our Kitchen and Master Bath is on its way. Larry F.-

My new doors look great and I can't wait to finish them. Also, they were delivered on the 7th day after I placed my order. Your delivery time was way faster than the website said would be 7-10 for manufacturing, and 1-5 more for delivery, or 8-15 total days. CabinetDoors.Com is my source whenever I need cabinet doors.-Mark. L.-

My cabinet doors arrived today and I was sick after I saw the damage to one of the boxes. I took pictures and had the Fedex driver watch as I opened the damaged box. I was positive that the doors would be broken, but they were all undamaged. You guys packed them so that the 1000 pound gorilla that destroyed the box, couldn't trash the doors. Outstanding packing and some really great Shaker Cabinet Doors.-Mary P.-

Hi Tallie! Just wanted to let you know the doors arrived today, and were perfect! Thank you so much for helping me out in this situation! It was perfect timing thanks to you! Enjoy your weekend! Regards,-Tom F.-

I remodel houses and I have used as my door supplier for over a year. The local cabinet door supplier has been trying to get me to come back to his doors the whole time, but I'll never change. You folks make the best doors I've ever used. I never get complaints about bad color-matching and I never get called-back to fix a bad door anymore.-Ralph D. TX-

This is our third order from you and I still love to unpack the next order. I just wish everything we bought was of this quality. These doors are beautiful.-Amy R. RI-

We received our new kitchen cabinet doors today and they are just perfect. I am very excited now that I can actually start to visulize my finished kitchen.-Jone P.-

We just moved into a new house that the prior owner had remodeled the kitchen using your cabinet doors. We are building a guest house and we loved yourdoors so much we are ordering the guest house doors from you as well. You make a very nice product.-Candy & Mike J.-

I'm very impressed with your quality. Superior in every way. Thanks, Lori K.-

I always worry about buying something without actually seeing the item. In the case of these cabinet doors, I didn't need to worry. They are not even comparable to our old doors, and my kitchen is now a show-place.-Bev U. CA.-

It's really satisfying to purchase a product that is everything I hoped it would be, and your cabinet doors lived up to my hopes. I'm super skeptical of product claims but is a breath of fresh air. I recommend your company highly to all my friends.-Judith A. MD-

Our new kitchen doors arrived yesterday--three days before you promised. Doug hasn't finished hanging them yet but I couldn't wait to send you my thanks. Doug is not easy to please but he is very pleased with your doors. He has even said that we should place another order and get your 5-piece drawer fronts. Thank you for my remodeled kitchen, It's just beautiful.-Myrna & Doug B. MO.-

Your cabinet doors are very, very nice. The sizes are exact and they were sanded so well we didn't need to do any touch-up at all. Nice job.-Ron M.-

We had to replace some damaged doors in our cabin. The doors you made for us made our undamaged doors look so cheap and flimsy that we have decided to replace the rest of the doors too. Very nice doors.-Dawn M.-

I love my new kitchen and your doors are the reason.-Ann A.-

Every time I walk into my kitchen I just have to smile. I love it. I never could have thought that new cabinet doors could make such a huge difference. I just love it. Thank you so very much.-Nicole L.-

When we decided to remodel our farm house I made the doors for the master bath. Without proper woodworking tools the 4 doors took forever to build. We ordered the other bath and kitchen doors and drawer fronts from you and they are fantastic. Now we will be replacing the doors in the master bath -- the doors I built. You folks make a very nice cabinet door.-Harry K. KS.-

My neighbor recommended to me and I'm glad he did. Now I'm recommending you to my brother for his home remodel project. You make a great product.-Mark Z.-

These are very nice doors. Well made and great color matching. No wonder you sell so many. Al B. NYC-

My order was only 4 doors but I was treated like I was your best customer. Thanks for the super-nice cabinet doors, and I'll be back when ready to remodel the kitchen.-Henry H.-

I remodeled several houses last year, and I've used doors from several sources. The doors you just shipped me are the best I've used. I'll be back for my next remodel for sure.-Tom J. LV-

I elected to take a sight-seeing trip and drive from California to pick-up my doors. I enjoyed the drive, but seeing your factory was a real shocker. I expected something much smaller. You guys are huge and I was very favorably impressed with both the size of your buildings and the size of your machines. Nothing small about your operation, that's for sure and your product is top notch.-Marty A. CA-

I live out in the farm country of Iowa and there are no places anywhere near that sell cabinet doors. I wanted to give my wife a kitchen remodel for Christmas and the only option I had was the internet. I really struggled with making the purchase but I finally found and took the plunge. Now the job is done, finished yesterday, and I had to let you know. Everything went perfect. The sizes were dead-on, the sanding was great, the hinge boring was exact and the hinges were of real quality. You take the fear out of making an internet purchase, and I appreciate it.-Gabe H. IA-

Just Beautiful. We didn't need to do any sanding at all. Highly recommended. -Wes K.-

We ordered your Delaware doors in Oak and they exceeded our expectations. My husband had to look at several local lumber suppliers before he found Oak (for his trim) that had the perfect Light-Wheat color as your doors. We will be telling our family and friends about your doors.-Meg & Tom S.-

Our new doors arrived today and we just love them. Thank you for a super quality product.-Les V.-

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